Friday, 11 September 2015

Goals// Before the year is out.

To most people the 'new year new me' is the time that everyone sets their year's goals. Today I wanted to set myself some new achievable (because let's not go silly) goals before the year is out. I know that I want a unicorn and brick exposed flat in the middle of Edinburgh but that's not going to happen any time soon. So, until then I've made a practical and sensible list for myself, because everyone loves a good list to nosey at...

One. To loose weight. 
I don't mean this in a ridiculous sense I mean just a few pounds. I want to be able to feel a bit healthier and good about myself. So I'm going to cut down on my savory favourites, the takeaway nights and fizzy drinks. See, nothing silly, just what I shouldn't be indulging in so often. 

Two. Fill in my diary.
Becoming an organised person for someone with a creative brain, and a hoarder is quite a worry and is difficult when I get distracted so easy and start singing along to every song on the music channels and start reading things on Buzzfeed.

Three. See my friends more often. 
When we all work different shifts on different days it get's harder and harder to see each other especially when we have our own lives to lead. So I want to be able to try and see them and catch up with the ones I can't get to, even if it's just a text saying hello or an hour phone call. 

Four. Start planning Christmas lists. 
I know, the dreaded C word to some, but, hey listen, it is only 14 weeks away. I'm the kinda gal that will have a few bits for everyone but have a list still to get most things on Christmas Eve. I'm actually a nightmare, so this year I want to be more organized. Anyone else seeing a pattern about organization? Hmm.. Oh yeah, we were talking about something.. oh yes the C word. I have a small list on what to get people close to me, but I need to start stocking up on materials if I'm going to handmake all my cards again this year. 

Five. Get a proper winter coat.
Every year I do winter wrong, it's not so much that I don't wrap up, because I do! I do live in England  after all. Although my Scottish born skin likes to think I can brace the cold, I'm a bit of a wimp. No matter what season it is you'll see me sporting a leather jacket.  So I think it's time I bought some proper woolly jumpers and a thick long coat. 

Six. Pack lightly
In a couple of weeks time for my birthday Reece is taking me to Hamburg for a couple of days. The only problem is that we're only taking hand luggage, and I have no idea how to lightly pack my make up, skin care and all the little bits. I mean, what if I need that top I haven't worn in 5 years while I'm away?! It's going to be a learning process. I'll have a blog post on this in the coming weeks, pray for me. 


Song// Halsey - Coming Down


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