Sunday, 13 September 2015

Music choice// Halsey

If there's anything I love more than blue hair, it's a singer with catchy songs, amazing fashion sense and blue hair. You might've guessed it...

Halsey - Badlands. 

It should be called something else like Badass. I've not been able to stop listening to it this past week and I've got no intention to stop. With the most gripping introduction song (Castle), if you find yourself following to the next song then you're doomed. You're now going to be stuck in the land that is Halsey. She is currently in the UK and has just done two London shows that sold out instantly and if that's any conciliation, she's only going to get bigger as she hits radio play over here. 

My favourites are Hold Me Down, Drive, Colors and Strange Love.

Itunes// Download here


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