Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review// Simple - Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

I know this isn't like, the most exciting of posts but listen, hear me out. I've always been a bit too scared of using face wipes. I don't feel like they properly cleanse my face and my skin breaks out in rashes but then I've tried these this week (damn the pretty packaging) and well, here's what happened...

So okay, I'm a bit of a wimp. I always think face wipes are going to make my face mould over, rot and probably combust into flames. So I thought I'd try and give them another go as I work away from home and it's an easy option to take makeup off quickly after long night shifts and have a good cleanse in the morning. I know that's not the most hygenic thing but after a 20 hour shift it get's difficult and the last thing I want is a 15 minute cleanse. I want my bed! So I thought I'd give these a go. So I thought if it doesn't end well I could always use them to clean off swatches.

I'm not saying they're exactly the best product I've ever come across to getting off makeup as I'm still quite keen on my love of micellar water, however I'm still impressed. They do they job and get off make up well but not the best when it comes to waterproof mascara when you pile it on like myself, but they don't irritate my sensitive skin. So bonus! I remember when makeup wipes first came out and all my face would go bright red and hurt. So I'm not going to be so scared when it comes to using them again any time soon. 


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