Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review// Superdrug Tea Tree - Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

On my last trip to Superdrug I picked up this little sachet and thought 'ooh why not let's just throw it in, it's only 99p' and didn't really think twice about it. So I wanted to share with you why it's more than what it's simple green packaging looks like... 

The product itself claims to "promote a healthier-looking complexion". I must admit I am a bit red faced at announcing this, but I expected a mud brown/grey toned product to come out but it was a mint blue in colour and smelt like I was rubbing toothpaste on my face.

I didn't expect much for it being a cheap product but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it make my skin feel smother and healthier especially the pores on my nose, but it actually cooled the redness on my cheeks while it was on. I normally have problems with face masks and I only use specific ones as I don't want to either: break out in a rash or, end up breaking out in spots afterwards. 

It didn't dry out my skin like normally face masks do as soon as I take them off. I recommend this product highly, and I hope it comes out in a tub version soon because I'd snap that bad boy up. 

Just a note : I have 'normal' skin and suffer from red pigmentation on my cheeks and yellow pigmentation around my mouth and have some dry spots on my nose.

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