Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Skinny Dip London // Review

If you are anything like myself, you research, and research into products to justify spending your money on them.
I always think it's okay to spend £20 on something in an expensive place but, somewhere cheaper I'm always shocked at spending the same amount!! So when I finally gave into buying an iPad mini 3, I knew I had to get a case that would not only work functionally, and protect it, but also something 'fancy' in an Charlie XCX voice...

A quick hunt via Instagram and there we had it, where I ultimately fell in love. A pineapple nude pink and gold case. I have this obsession with pineapples and I'm still not quite sure what it is, but when I found that Skinny Dip had a case made for someone like myself I couldn't give them my money quick enough.

A simple iPad case with this awesome design on the front for only £18 (and I was looking on Etsy and it was around similar prices for other cases with designs). Inside it has 4 corners to hold in your tablet and on the left is two grips that make the ipad stand up almost like velcro. It has a thick black strap to keep it covered safely in your bag when you're travelling. 

And as Skinny Dip had an offer of free shipping I used this to my advantage and got a little 'L' plushie sticker for me to stick on it, or on something else, not sure just yet, maybe a little notepad? The possibilities are endless. 

Overall I'm quite impressed with the case, as the website didn't give that much away and I wasn't sure how it would protect it. It's well cushioned and I've got a feeling I'll get a long use out of it. I'll update this after I've hauled it away to Germany for a city break! 


iPad Case // SkinnyDip
Plushie Sticker // SkinnyDip
Nails // Barry M - Gelly Hi- Shine Nail Paint in Green Berry 423
Song // Death Cab For Cutie - You've Haunt Me All My Life 


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