Monday, 30 November 2015

Slam Dunk Festival// Past, future and tips.

So normally I'll only make a post about something when it's happening in that time frame however, the start of the lineup has been released and I think you may need to know some tips before you just say goodbye...

Without trying to proclaim that I'm a raging alcoholic (which I am not, I haven't actually drank in months), it's a weekend where people celebrate good music with friends, strangers and beers, or if you're not into that, pop and water. 

I wish I could tell you about the time's I've managed to sneak my way into places I shouldn't have been, and danced my heart out and sang horrifically. That isn't what I'm here to say. The lineup this year is actually a great contender, they never usually have such a wide variety that generally appeals to most people because we know rock/metal/alt scene is like a tree, so many branches and twigs in their genres. I think from the bottom of my coffee cup my emo black heart has arisen from 2005 and rejoiced at the thought of seeing Brendon Urie play again in front of a big crowd. 

So if you're thinking about attending or not attending, here are some things to think about. 

  1. It's early days, most of the lineup is yet to be released and say if you only like 5 bands on the lineup, that's still cheaper than paying to see them separate. Give it time and see how it unveils.
  2. It's spread across different stages so you get to see a lot of bands and more than likely bands you wouldn't have thought to see to kill the time, you might just find a new favourite. 
  3. You will meet new people. Even if it's a friend of a friend or if it's someone in a queue. You're never quite alone. 
  4. If you're a major band-a-holic, guys and gals will be walking around the festival all day just like yourself enjoying it, you're more than likely to bump into a familiar face or two.
  5. It's a very long day so take care of yourself, stay hydrated, eat something and don't push yourself too much for that barrier for the very end band. 
  6. Mainly for the girls, think about your choice in footwear, you will more than likely be stood up for around 90% of the day.
  7. Be patient when it comes to moving around stages, there's a few thousand people that attend so it can get a bit hectic after a set finishes/ is about to begin. 
  8. That being said, if you know a popular band is playing a small stage try to get there early to avoid disappointment. They can only let in so many people as part of health and safety. 
  9. They sell merch in a hall usually along with all the other bands, so sometimes you can meet the bands that way but make sure to take cash with you because you can't trust the ATM machines being full on the day.
  10. Speaking of meeting bands, independent clothing lines usually have booths and host signings that sponsor bands so check that out to meet your favourite bassist or band. 
There are so many other tips that I will post towards the time as a run down to Slam Dunk festival but these are for those who haven't been before and don't know quite what they are in for. 


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