Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Motley Crue and Alice Cooper // All Bad Things Must Come To An End The Final Tour

I want to start this post with a big fat massive...WE'RE NOT WORTHY. WE'RE NOT WORTHY. 
It was a crazy night to say the least. Myself and Cayla went and caught the show as it was the final ever tour and we decided last minute to find some tickets.

As soon as we went in a band called the One Hundred (I think that's how they spell it) were opening their set. Although they were the odd band of the night, it's the kind of band I would listen to every day and I thoroughly enjoyed them and the vocalist's energy as he was running and skipping up and down the stage. 

Up next was one of my favourite bands/artist. Alice Cooper. 
I can honestly sit back and say I'll never forget the show. It was a show not a gig or a concert. There was so much put into it, the crew even dressed up, the band were all loving it and it showed. So many bubbles and giant balls, fake money and necklaces chucked in the crowd. Not to mention the giant Frankenstein that walked along the stage or the evil nurse that was trying her best to kill Alice and eventually succeeded. They played around 13 songs and I could've happily left the arena thinking that was the main show. 

After that Motley Crue took to the stage with two back up singers/dancers. It was a bit, off putting but it didn't stop me from enjoying the show. They played some of my favourites and some of their newer stuff. It's sad to see that after 34 years they've called it the end. It wasn't they didn't put on an amazing show, but for me personally they didn't end up giving me the same high as Alice Cooper. Tommy was on his drum rollercoaster through the crowd, and the others on platforms that were going over everyone. There's no faulting the rollercoaster, unfortunatley I didn't get a good enough picture to be able to share with you all. Insert sad face. I was truly happy when we left the front for it being too hot and too cramped with all the fire going off on stage and went to the back. Not because we were cooler, but because we clicked on that they were about to do an acoustic so we rushed and managed to get behind one other row and be the closest I'll ever get to the band. It was just an amazing night over all and a concert with the biggest rush. I'd definatley recommend watching Alice Cooper for everyone of all ages. 



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