Sunday, 27 December 2015

New Years Resolutions //

I know I know it's either a love or hate to make new year's resolutions and another to stick them through. I'm one to talk, I've still yet to buy a pair of running trainers from two years ago. So I want to make some that are achievable, some that will keep my ocd mind and cluttered desk at bay, and some that I have to in order to make it through the year. 

  1. Cut back on dairy (especially cheese).
    I'm awful at this but I noticed this past year and half that dairy has a really bad effect on my body but it's just so addictive. There's studies lying around that cheese itself is as addictive as drugs. So here's to cutting back. 

  2. Cut back on alcohol.
    So to most people this might be hard but honestly for the past 5 months I've only drank alcohol twice and one of those times was my birthday. The reason I want to cut back is because I don't want to be seen as destructive and this will make more sense next week. 

  3. Buy that darned smoothie maker.
    I actually asked for this for Christmas off my brothers, I don't think they realised I was actually being serious on the matter. I'm the sort of girl who skips breakfast. I've grown up pretty much all my life without having it so I want to start my day a bit fresher and see if it makes a real daaayum difference. 

  4. Start buying pieces for the new home.
    I've not found a place  but next year me and R are hoping to move into a house together so I've started making some lists of all the essentials and if I start buying them as I go it wont hurt our banks that much when it come's to the bigger things (or so I like to think).

  5. Read 50 books (and note them down).
    It's an achievable aim really. Especially if you get hooked on a series then you've had it you can't see anything but the book. Don't even mention that last chapter that hurts your feelings every single time.
  6. Donate blood.
    At the current time I'm writing this I'm unable to donate blood and won't be allowed until Oct/Nov at least so I hope I can then. I strongly recommend everyone trying to do this. You never know when someone you love is in need and there's a shortage. 
What is everyone else hoping to change, or stick to next year?

LC xo


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