Thursday, 21 January 2016

An honest review// Becca Cosmetics - Champagne Pop by Jacyln Hill

So like most bloggers or in fact just people that just enjoy watching make up video's on Youtube, will have more than likely stumbled across the sensation that is Jaclyn Hill. A vibrant, loud and extremely hilarious Youtuber/ ex freelancer. Tutorials gallore, dribble worthy make up collection and room and stupidly cute dogs with her husband..

Jaclyn ventured out and made a highlight with Becca Cosmetics, who are known for their highly pigmented highlighters and amazing products. Hill as an artist collaborated to make a highlighter that she would dream to have in her palette and wouldn't stop trying different versions until she thought it was perfect. At first, I was a bit skeptical, I mean, there is so much promotion and advertising that's being paid on Youtube that you never know what's actually good and what's just another product that will sit in the back of your drawers. 

So after the hype had quietened down, I thought I'd try and get my hands on it to try for myself. In fact I was lucky enough to receive this of my close Aunt (who I might add bought it from amazon UK... yes, it was that pricey and I feel bad still).

So without further ado here is my real review on the most hyped, limited edition mind, and probably most sought after highlighter in 2015. 

My first impression was when I saw the box, I mean most of us are suckers for packaging and I must admit, over a month later I still have that box because it's too pretty to throw away. Please don't nominate me for Hoarders UK. When I first lightly touched the pressed powder the colour was so pigmented to the touch. It swatched beautifully on my skin. Honestly a lot goes a long way. 

For myself personally I usually go for more Opal/Pearl shades in highlighters for my skin because I feel it best suits it. I was wrong. This is such a universal highlighter that I've been caught red handed of using it every day. It's so smooth and a very little is needed. I just lightly use it on my brush and tap the excess back into the pan to savour it. 

I would just say that you might need to buff it in slightly into your skin if you're heavy handed in general like myself, to make it not seem as stark. I honestly would reccomend this to all of my friends and people I know if they asked me as it's different to anything I've used before. Claps in a circle to Jaclyn and the Becca team. 




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