Monday, 18 January 2016

Baby wishlist // H&M Clothing

So now my big news is out and open to the internet and everyone in the world that isn't a close friend (or the people who've found out through blabbing), I wanted to share what I've been lusting after. At the moment in time I'm writing this I haven't found out what the sex is so I'm looking at gender neutral for the most part clothes. 

Out of everything that I've been searching, I'm trying to look at things that are gender neutral but I have a feeling we're having a little boy because it runs through both of our families and girls are rare, so it's all upto R on this one. 

1  Star Wars Outfit £7.99 
2  Suspender Onesie £7.99
3  Patterned Joggers £14.99
4  Giraffe Outfit  £6.99
1 Little Bear Outfit £7.99 

So now we know the news I guess R managed to give us a little miracle!



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