Sunday, 17 January 2016

Big announcement// Pregnancy!

I know it seems silly but it's pretty much all over my social media now so I thought I'd update it onto my blog. Yes, I'm pregnant. There's no hoax around it, and I'm still quite shocked to be honest. I remember walking into the front room and telling my mum and bricking it one and thinking right, where have I packed the tent?! After she calmed down it became much more real...

It took a while to get everything sorted and I unfortunately missed out on my 12 week scan due to unfortunate lack of communication. We (myself and R) kept it between our close friends and family until we knew everything with the baby was safe and that it was healthy. 

Over two weeks ago I found out that everything was healthy but the baby was facing with the bum to the camera, shall I say for the most part, too comfy in my womb. Last week I went alone and I got to see that the baby is progressing as perfect as they can and I found out that in sheer luck of a male dominant family, that we're having a little girl. I'm sat here now at 22 weeks beyond excited and just lost for words. I cannot believe it is all happening and the support from friends and family we have behind us, and everyone when we announced our little surprise. I'm excited to go baby clothes shopping now after I've been browsing for weeks online. 

So this is a wee update I guess as to why I've been on and off blogging, I've been hit with sickness so bad it's knocked me out. I've been emotionally drained. I cried at the film 'Epic' earlier, during a non sad nor non happy part. It's getting to me clearly. I'll write everything about my first and second trimester in another post but until then babies, chow! 



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