Thursday, 7 January 2016

Date days// Ice skating and Christmas markets.

We both like going on little dates, because before meeting each other, we never really did it with anyone we met in the past. It's a great way to experience new things with each other. One thing he loves is ice hockey and he goes skating with work so as it's Christmas month, there's a pop up rink in Manchester city center so we thought why not! Here's what went on...

Now I was going meeting Reece before he came to mine for a couple of days and we planned either to go to the cinema or to go ice skating, depending on the lovely Manchester weather. For once, it stayed put and didn't rain! We went for a spot of lunch at my favourite, Barburitto in Picadilly Gardens. 

Reece got his lovely small veggie burrito and a coca cola and I got a chicken bowl with brown rice, mexican beans, hot sauce, onions and peppers, cheese, chicken and lettuce. It's so delicious I try to convert my friends to go every time I'm in Manchester or Leeds.

We went for a little browse through the Arndale and Reece spotted these little tasters at a new Boost bar downstairs. It was a banana and orange flavoured smoothie. What made me chuckle the most was the little 'sucking amazing' on the tub!

We then went for a wander around the Christmas markets in search of a sweet I got from a Leeds market a few years back. Unfortunately we couldn't see them anywhere so we went to starbucks for a little sweet treat. I got a signature hot chocolate and Reece got a strawberries and cream frappe. Soon we left to go to the ice rink. Along the way we spotted a giant Pringles Christmas tree, and a colourful structure you could walk through, it was so pretty!

Ice skating was great once I got the hang of standing on skates, I hadn't been in around 10 years so I was a bit like Bambi at first while Reece was skating in circles around me! It was such a great day. We went home and watched Ant Man to finish the day off. 

LC xo
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