Monday, 18 January 2016

Jimmy Choo Perfume // Review

So for Christmas my mum got me a new perfume because I'm a die hard fan when it comes to Thierry Mugler's Womanity. I'm a sucker for a scent that's musky rather than sweet and something rich. So she thought she'd pick up a new scent, and one which she hadn't even smelt herself so here goes my honest review of it. 

At the moment speaking I've been so on and off with scents that everything smells strange. Bleach smells like onions and I can't get enough of vinegar on my food even though I've never liked it before in my life. So when I opened this surprise after already being spoilt I was shocked. At first when I smelt it I wasn't too sure so I left it for a few days. I wore it on New Years Eve and was surprised when I couldn't smell it on myself. That generally means it suits you (I'm not sure if that's an old wife's tale or if it's the truth). The first one to notice it was R, and he said it smelt like an older woman but it suited me (he meant it in a nice way, I assure you)! 

The packaging itself is beautiful, I have a thing for unique looking perfume bottles and I still keep the unusual ones that my mum bought when I was younger and I can still smell the memories that are linked to them.

The notes I like about it the most is the sweet part that appears when I first spray it. Unfortunately my sense of smell isn't the best so I would never have a good nose and I wish I could tell you more about the notes but I would advise you to go into your closest shop aka Boots, The Perfume Shop, Debenhams ect and try it for yourself. I would definatley recommend this perfume to someone in their late 20's to mature. Unless, you're like myself and you enjoy unsual perfumes that aren't sickly sweet. 



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