Sunday, 24 January 2016

What's been inspiring me lately.

It's a gloomy Sunday afternoon in Manchester and I'm forever wanting to perk that dreary feeling up. Not so secretly I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I enjoy looking at the huge spectrum of images that show anything you search, which is especially great for the creatives. I’ve been lacking ambition lately the good ole go and get em attitude. This is helping revive that and get me back on track. In a sense, I want to get my fingers down and dirty, well, maybe not in a garden but back to stitching and sewing. Pinterest helps me look at current artists and designers, DIY-ers and all the different techniques I long ago forgot...

Follow Lisa's board Stitch on Pinterest.
So above is a few things I've been pinning lately to my Stitch Inspiration board. Once you click on a pin and follow the links there's no going back, it's like Narnia, there's so much to look at and see. Stumbling across other people's boards and whoops I've found myself looking at knitting a pair of booties. It's very dangerous, you might forget what time it is. 

Anyway before I get lost on Pinterest again, I'm going to be always be adding the more I have a quiet hour to myself, as well as to other boards I'm currently creating. So hopefully in the run up to when the baby arrives, I'll be sharing some of my own stitch pieces that I want to put up in her nursery room. 

What's been inspiring you lately? 



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