Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Baby Haul//: Part 1

With all of the baby and toddler events on, over the past couple of weeks I've taken advantage of the sales. I've done my research, I've shopped around and I've finally picked up some well needed bits to start the long list of things you need for a baby arriving. I know I'm only half way through my pregnancy at this moment in time, but I want to make sure that I am well prepared for them days that I don't leave my bed. 
So here are some of the peices I've picked up while food shopping and having a snoop around Primark.

The above pieces : 
2 pack of bodysuits - £5 @Asda. 
Booties - £2 @ Asda. 

Heart Print Dress - £4 @ Asda.
Stripe Dress and Heart leggings - £6 @ Asda. 

Assorted pack of leggings - £6 @ Asda. 

Pink floral print dress with knickers - £8 @ Asda. 

Minnie Mouse Dungarees set - £7 @Asda. 

Reversable coat, top and bottoms set - £12 @ Asda.

Reversable coat - £7 @ Asda. 

Assorted leggings pack - £6 @ Sainsburys. 

Tshirts - £2.50 each or two for £4 @Sainsburys. 

Boys grey jacket - £7 @ Sainsburys. (Note, my cousin bought this for us so we can pair it with a dress and mini docs).
Dungarees - £10 @ Sainsburys. 
Grey bow joggers - £4 @ Sainsburys. 

Little Superstar sleepsuit - £6 @ Tesco. 
Winnie The Pooh sleepsuit - £5 @ Sainsburys.

Blanket and Rattle set - £5 @ Asda.
Two pairs of scratch mitts - £1 @ Asda.
Hat - £2 @ Tesco. 
Pack of two bibs - £3 @ Primark. 

8 Piece baby set - £12 @ Asda. 

Set of 7 vests - £7.50 @ Primark. 

Since this post is clothes and accessories I will be posting another post tomorrow about other bits I've picked up in the sales, and more clothes I've bought for our little kicker in the past week. 


(P.S I know this amounts to a lot on just clothes but they are all different sizes for when she grows as we don't know how big or small she is going to be). 


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