Friday, 5 February 2016

Baby Haul// Part Two : Aldi, Tesco, Primark, Ikea and H&M

So this is the second part of my haul when I've gone out to the local supermarkets or just picked up bits while I've been out. Imagine if I went on a shop just for baby clothes.. I think R would have a panic attack. Some of these pieces are quite cute, and for those who don't know I'm having a baby girl, we're trying to limit the pink. 
3 Pack of sleepsuits above - £6 @ Primark

Cellular blankets in pink and white - £2.49 each @ Aldi.
Yellow spotted fleece blanket - £2.49 @ Aldi

Muslin Cloths pack of three - £2.99 each @ Aldi

I opened the pink ones to get a feel of them, and they are actually really soft, I haven't washed anything yet (waiting until May) so I don't know how they will hold up personally but I don't think I could really go wrong with a price like that!

Scratch mitts pack of three pairs - £1 @ Primark 
Socks pack of three pairs - £2.50 @ Primark 
Plush teddie bear - £1 @ Ikea

Mamia sensitive baby wipes x 12 packs - £6 @ Aldi
(Sorry but 768 wipes that are award winning for ONLY £6?! get on it!!)

Hearts patterened bodysuit - £3.99 @ H&M
Pink bodysuit - £3.99 @ H&M
Patterned bodysuit - £3.99 @ H&M

Tommee tipee 6 feeding bottles 260ml - £10 @ Tesco
Tommee tipee 4 feeding bottles 260ml - £5 @ Aldi
(If I had known this I probably would've just bought them at Aldi, doh!)

Pack of two white fitted moses basket sheets - £3.99 @ Aldi
Pack of two pink fitted moses basket sheets - £5 @ Tesco 

We haven't decided if we are going to let our daughter have dummies or not yet but I thought I'd buy these just incase, as they were in the sale. 

Pack of 2, 0-6 months dummies - £2.99 @ Aldi

This was a present from my Grandad when he's been on holiday to Tenerife, it was too cute that I wanted to share it. Just in case you know anyone that is jetting off any time soon, ask them to keep their eyes on the look out. 

60's Inspired dress - £6 @ Primark

Casual day outfit - £8 @ Primark 

Hooded baby towel - £6 @ Ikea 

Wave patterned dress - £7 @ H&M
Hearts patterned dress - £4 @ H&M

A side note, a lot of things are 3 for 2 in H&M at the moment, and the baby & toddler events are about to end but I managed to pick all of this up the past couple of days so I'd take well advantage of them. I'd especially take advantage of the baby wipes from Aldi, a box for £6?! and the Tommee tippee bottles 4 for £5. Bargain. 

Until my next oops I did it again,



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