Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Week 23// Highs, lows, woes and yo's.

Currently I'm halfway through my 24th week of pregnancy but I wanted to talk to you about things. Up until around 20 weeks I felt completely and utterly alone even if I was in a crowded room. I was just bed ridden with anxiety and not a nice person to be around, pushing my loved ones away. I've now come to terms with the fact that I'm not alone. 

This week is I've joined a forum. Netmums. It's like having a support group behind you and being to ask all sorts of questions and no one judging you. It's great really because I already feel like I'm making friends and joking and it's just what you need to give yourself that little bit of boost, knowing that there's someone going through the exact same thing as you at the exact same time.

So 23 weeks. Feeling positive. I think I only weeped once this week instead of the previous every single day. Cravings? Well, please hide all the easter chocolate away from me, I've now got a sweet tooth. I never once liked it, and I can feel her going crazy when I'm eating it. Who'd have known ey? 

Until next weeks update 



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