Friday, 19 February 2016

Week 24// Highs, lows, woes and yo's!

It's been a while since I've blogged but I've kept track of my pregnancy progress, just something that happens naturally for a mother to be. I've started planning the nursery in my head and we'll soon see what happens after a Pinterest explosion on a Friday night will do.. 

This week I've been feeling slightly rubbish. Just feeling a bit blue in general. I'm still being sick which is every woman's nightmare. Most people only have it in the first three months if not at all. I wasn't so lucky. 

I guess I felt horrible just because things weren't going as planned. This week we’ve been looking at prams and although we’ve had help purchasing a pram we’ve gone second hand. I found a Silver Cross being sold near me for a bag of chips but being able to view it between myself and the owner was proving to be a nightmare. After 4 days I just lost all heart.

 R was trying his best to cheer me up. We finally found another pram on Saturday that was a Mothercare Orb from a seller that was just up the road. He sold us not only just the pram but all the gear with it including a rain cover, a car seat and attachments for the car seat to attach to the pram. It was an offer we really couldn’t say no to and thus the end of my grumpy madam moods. It just feels like a massive weight has been lifted as two of the important things have been bought and are ready for when she makes an appearance.

I bought the first little toy to attach to the pram and I think I’m going to like the crunchy noises and jangling more than the little girl when she arrives!

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