Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Baby and toddler event//: Reviews, goodies and bought bits.

After finding a little email notification in my inbox from Emma's diary about a baby and toddler event I was soon intrigued and not just ignoring it, like I do with most of my emails these days. So much junk, spam and irrelevant information flying in these days. 
I visited Event City in Manchester and I honestly had no idea what I was in for. The place was huge, jammed pack with people, babies and buggies alike. In the centre was a big dining area which actually made the amount you was walking around smaller. 

At the entrance I was handed a NUK baby bottle as a nice little freebie, and a little card which entitled me to pick up an Emma's Diary goodie bag at one of the stands. 

There was so much information being given out to parents/parent's to be/guardians and it was a lot to take in. A few sales people were clearly just trying to make the sales at the stands and it showed but for the most part, the staff were trying their best to help your needs and told you the honest truth. 

There were lots of things being showcased from clothes, travel systems, nursey pieces to weaning, midwives, massages and things for mum. It was great to see so many products and then again, see a lot of products you just think, ah well that's never gonna see the light of day to really use. 

I stuck to a limit while I visited and I was only really after a good brush to clean bottles out with as I'm not sure if I have the confidence/courage to breast feed. (I know the good and bad, it's just a personal choice and opinion. Fed is best).

I visited the MAM stand where we were handed a free anti colic baby bottle and a little dummy inside. It's a lovely little gift and it really helps you see what other brands are like. I picked up a baby teether that has 3 cooling parts with different textures. I next picked up a rubber cleaning brush that cleans teets at one end, and inside the bottles at the other. It doesn't feel like it's going to scratch inside the bottles and I'm lamely, excited to try it. Lastly at the stand I picked up the two dummies in a box as it also acts as a steriliser box too. Very handy for on the go. I managed to pick these up for just £10 all together!

At the Vital baby stand I was given a goodie bag that was filled with bits and pieces such as a weaning spoon, an ella's kitchen smoothie bag, disposable baby mat and bibs and other cool little nifty peices. I picked up the travel on the go tub with a spoon that clips on top. It was £3.19 at the show, and online is around £7.99, nice little saving!

After a walk around, I spent some time talking to some midwives and ladies who were selling make up, even in the hot environment, it was like a tent in there. 

I picked up a couple more little bits such as crochet booties, socks and a head cushion for the little one. 

Overall it was an enjoyable day and a lot of discounts to be had. It was so crowded I didn't know where to go because I just wanted air, in a hot building. There was a lot of lovely people who attended and some who got a bit aggressive when it came to a bargain. I would recommend it for new parents and parent's to be as there is a lot of advice and help that people are willing to give from experience. I'll probably go myself when my little chick is a bit bigger and not still in her nest. 



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