Thursday, 7 April 2016

Week 31 // High's, low's, woes and yo's!

This week has been quite easy on me. Well, I say easy, it’s been easy compared to most. Baby G has discovered my ribs and how to kick hell through them when I’m in the middle of shopping in Manchester and at the cinema. So really apart from that, I haven’t felt sick too badly or been sick for that matter. I must admit I’ve had a few little crying spells over absolutely nothing at all so maybe that’s just me or that might be normal? Who knows!

I had a check up at the doctors with my midwife who funnily enough, I still don’t know the name of. I got to hear baby G’s heartbeat pounding away and it’s loud and strong. She likes to lie in a strange position, so we’re hoping she’s heading down in 3 weeks time when it gets closer to the B day. Until then she obviously didn’t like being handled that morning when she was being measured as she was wriggling all over the place and hitting/kicking the midwifes hands.

There are so many things to consider when you’re pregnant. Breast feeding, or bottle? Dummies or none? Water birth, hospital birth, midwife led unit or home birth? Having injections or not? Finding out the baby’s sex for preparation or not, for a surprise? It’s all down to personal preference. There is no right or wrong. I’ll talk soon about my options and about pressure in 2016 to do things you maybe aren’t comfortable with, or people around you aren’t. 

Over the next couple of week's I've got to work these things out and get my list prepared and start packing my hospital bags. You never know, you could always be early (or late) and it's best to be prepared just in case, instead of panicking and forgetting everything. Until then..



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