Saturday, 30 April 2016

Weeks 32 & 33// High's, lows, woes & yo's.

Over the past two weeks the same things have been happening, so rather than have a post each week to dedicate to them, I wanted to share them under one post. I’ve been feeling more and more sluggish as each day comes and I want to nap and cry all the time. It doesn’t have to be anything to set me off, it just sort of happens lately. I honestly don’t know where women get all these ‘posi vibes’ when they’re pregnant. It just feels like everything is building up and up and up and just waiting for me to explode.

I miss work. I lost my job due to lack of work (it was a seasonal job) and unfortunately as bad as it seems I don’t want to be sat on my bum ‘enjoying’ the pregnant life. I want to be kept busy until she arrives. I’ve tried to get jobs but as it is, no one will employ someone who is pregnant and about to leave. I’ve been offered a handful, until they find out. At least I am prepared for when it comes to working again. I don’t know if you’re reading this you are working or not, but as someone who has always worked and then is shut down in the time of their life they feel the need to have their mind busy, it’s not easy. It’s like one big stop button.

 I’ve just finished a 6 week volunteering placement as a receptionist for a flower and craft company, which is another thing to my cv.  Please don’t get me wrong, as whiny as I sound it’s my emotions playing on me. I really enjoyed my time there. The team were lovely and accommodating to me knowing that I was far gone in my pregnancy.

I know this may seem very revealing but I wanted to share for those who want something truthful. It felt like I was completely alone for a long time. I didn’t understand how other women managed to cope. It proves how strong we are and how it isn’t seen to most. I’ve got to that terror mode that you see in chick flicks where the woman is often left feeling ‘fat’ with her bump and ‘disgusted’ because nothing fits. I know it’s all just hormones, and that I’ve been blessed to have this little baby but I just get so wound up. Especially now people are able to tell the difference between me putting on a bit of extra weight and actually being pregnant. 

The heartburn fever. Oh my my my. If you don't get heartburn bad during your pregnancy then thank the God's. It's still not shifted for me and hopefully my midwife will be able to find something that will work and not affect baby G. 

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