Monday, 4 April 2016

Wishlist//: Zara Kids

So since I'm officially at 32 weeks at the time of posting this, I've had enough time to have a thumb battle on my phone and look at the thousands of baby clothes that the high street has to offer. You can get baby clothes from pretty much anywhere and I've never really noticed until I was myself pregnant so I thought I'd try some places along the way that I would've been too scared to along the way. For some as I say to R, 'key' pieces. I've never really stepped into Zara before, until I heard that they had a baby section a couple of months ago. And they lived happily ever after... 

I just love the things that Zara have to offer for kids. I'm not really a fashion forward person myself, I notice the trends but I'm not running out my front door for new things. Now with Baby G on the way, I wanted to get some cool, fun and stylish prints. Nothing that screams "It's a baby girl!!!! PINK!!111!!". So here are a fair few things I've been eyeing up and will be looking to get my hands on soon. 

1. Grey Butterfly Top  - £1.99 in the sale
2. Cool Stripe Sweatshirt - £10.99 
3. Organic Cotton T-shirt with Tulle Bows - £3.99
4. Fruit Sweatshirt - £10.99 
5. Embroidered T-shirt with Pom Pom's - £6.99 

3. Teepee Sweatshirt - £10.99

1. Jacquard Dress - £8.99
2. Contrast Stripe and Denim Dress - £10.99
3. Embroidered T-Shirt - £8.99 

1. Skinny Jeans - £9.99
3. Printed Leggings - £6.99 

So there we have it. There's just so many cute clothes for newborns/toddlers and it makes it so hard. When you can get so many amazing clothes for very little money, you just want to spoil them with clothes that are as adorable as these. Until you see my next wish list lot, 



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