Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Hospital bag checklist for me and baby//:

I've been having a nosey the past couple of months at what everyone has packed in their hospital bags whether it being for a long or short stay and how they've tried not to over pack, or under pack. There's no right or wrong no matter what people tell you, as long as you aren't trying to pack for a two week holiday in the arctic circle. I've wrote a list out of what I think I want to pack for the hospital. I don't know if I've forgotten anything so if you think I have please let me know. This is for during labour and for the journey home. I hope this helps any mothers to be. 

Things for my bag:

X Birth plan and maternity notes
X Comfy top and pants to walk around the ward
X Old nighties and tshirts: ones you don't mind having to chuck away if needs be. 
X Comfy top and leggings/joggers: for going home in
X Old knickers or throwaway ones 
X Slippers
X Thick socks: for when in labour due to blood rushing everywhere else
X Vaseline lip balm
X Water spray
X 2 packs of Maternity pads
X Snacks and drinks: to keep up energy levels when in labour
X Change: to use in car park or in vending machines/ hospital shop for food and drink
X Birthing ball
X Hair clips, bobbles and a brush
X Tablet, book and magazine. 
X Ipod with playlists sorted to help relax
X Polaroid camera and mobile phone, for pictures
X A list of important phone numbers packed just in case
X Nursing bras
X Breast pads: In case of leaks 
X Toiletries/make up bag 
X Towel: My hospital doesn't provide them so double check 
X Plastic bags: for dirty clothes/ to throw anything away. 

Things for baby:

3 Sleepsuits
X 3 Sleeveless bodysuits
X 1 Cardigan
X 1 Light jacket
X 1 pair of booties
X A cotton hat 
X A pair of scratch mitts. 
X A couple of muslin cloths
X 10 - 15 newborn nappies
X Baby toiletries
X Ready made formula bottles (for in case your milk doesn't come in straight away/ and for if you are not breast feeding. Check with your unit if they provide sterilized bottles)
X Water wipes (I'm not using cotton wool, it's a personal decision as they don't use it in care any more I don't want to use it on my newborn baby).
X Baby blanket/shawl
X Teddy or security blanket for pictures
X Car seat: It's against the law to leave the hospital without one. 

(Just a tip, I've packed a sleepsuit with a bodysuit and a nappy and the extras into zip lock bags labelled with the sizes on the front so whoever is with me at the time can help to change Baby G with ease. As we won't know what size she is, until she is born).



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