Friday, 13 May 2016

Week 34//: Highs, lows, woes and yo's!

This week was spent washing and ironing and more ironing and more ironing of all of baby G’s clothes. Myself and R, went to Trafford Centre to have some us time. We went watching the new Jungle Book and bought some bits for baby that we had our eye on in Zara.
The film was actually crazy good. So much action happening everywhere and even though it was along the lines of the original Disney plot line there were some changes that made it better in my opinion. It was worth a watch even though you knew what you was about to see.

I felt good this week I think I cried maybe once? And when you’re used to doing that everyday then it’s a massive achievement. I saw my midwife who was with a student who took control this time around. It’s awkward because I’m walking in, sweaty from the morning sun and this student doesn’t want to hurt me when she’s trying to feel for the baby, and I’m just a wet fish on the table must be nerving for her meeting people and having to do all her training then and there. She was lovely though. Everything was looking good apart from my heartburn and they proposed that I got some Zantac. Unfortunately everywhere around me is sold out but the pharmacist gave me something else that looked like a rennies box but actually helped and I only had to take 1 or 2 a day! Much better. Always talk to your pharmacist and tell them about what you have tried, they always try to advise you to their best ability and don’t push about making sales.

At the weekend myself and my mum went to our old work to make a surprise visit to our bosses’ birthday party. It was so lovely seeing everyone, dressing up and feeling good even though my shirt barely covered me and bump. She’s getting really big now. I’ve started to notice little red spots that are the start of stretch marks on my tummy. I’m going to try Bio Oil on one side and Palmers Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream on the other and see which works the best until baby is here!

I’ll be uploading week 35 + 36 in the next few days as I’ve waited to join them together. You will see why soon.

Hope everyone has a lovely sunny weekend



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