Sunday, 31 July 2016

Next, M&S and Zara SALE haul.

So over the past two weeks myself and the OH have collected quite a few pieces for Imogen in bigger sizes in the sales. I love Zara and Next and I'm always in there buying clothes, but it was my first time having a little nosey in M&S.

Firstly I bought this set of bodysuits in 3-6 from M&S for £7.50, reduced from £15. As Imogen is now two months old and we have a couple of months of summer left so these are ideal.

In Zara I was having a good look around and there wasn't really anything in the sale that quite stood out to me, that I haven't already bought! There's loads of new stock in thats absolutely gorgeous though. This dress was £8.99 reduced to £5.99.  We picked up this dress in size 3-6 months so it'll be nice with some tights if the rain does appear, it is England after all.

NEXT! Now for the major chunk. Everyone loves a good Next sale as everything is half price or less!  I'm not quite the dedicated fan, you won't catch me lining up at 4am to try and catch a bargain, I just tried the next day. Possibly, maybe, I sent the OH to have a gander in another store the day after whoops! Can't pass a bargain. Anyway.. They have a good price range for different budget's. I love shopping in Next for children's wear. They're just so modern with prints and designs. Anyway, enough of my praise on with the prize!

You'll find that most of this stuff I've had my eye on for months so I was practically dancing in my local next when they had one left of each thing. This watermelon tunic was £3 from £6.

Feeling a fruit theme? This dress was £4.50 from £9 and has two pockets at the sides. Why don't they have adult sizes?! 

I carried a watermelon....  This stripey tshirt with zip pocket (that actually works) was a lovely £3. Reduced from £6.

My favourite fruit - Pineapple. A light green tunic for a wonderful £2.50 saving £3!

A corduroy style knit pinafore in a red/pink colour for half price at £6 

A knitted top half and a cotton bottom half dress. Down from £13.50 to £6.50! 

A dark grey almost marl wash tshirt with a padded applique bear. Size 6-9 which will be great for the winter months. Reduced from £8 to £4! 

A pair of two sleepsuits in sizes 3-6 reduced from £15 to £7.50 for the pair. I love the collars on these they remind me of something that Princess Charlotte would wear. Believe it or not, the other half picked these out. 

He also picked out this duo of sleepsuits in opposite patterns for £7.50 down from £15 in sizes 3-6. 

The last of the sleepsuits again in size 3-6 which we really needed to stock up on as Imogen is such a long baby (who knows where she got that from, we're both under 5"4). This bumble bee set is just gorgeous and right up my alley. Kitted with a little hat for those lazy pyjama days where we have a quick trip to a supermarket. Hey, I'm not a super mum. As long as it's clean and she's happy and healthy right?! Haha, this beauties were also £7.50 down from £15

And finally my favourite until last. The OH picked up this parka coat up for Imogen in size 3-6. It actually looks massive though. I reckon it'll fit her for a wee bit longer than that, well it depends on how she grows. I'm excited to see her snuggled in this with some little jeans and vans. It was originally £31 and we bought it for £15. 

We spent in total £79.50 and saved £79.50. I'm absolutely fine with that darling! 

Until the next haul coming up next week! 



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