Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Long awaited! Birth announcement and labour story! Week 38.

So 11 weeks ago I was faced with this day. The day I went into labour. Don’t worry I’ll spare you all the gory and gruesome details but just share the actual story.  

On the 15th of May, myself and the other half went on a day trip to Liverpool. I was extremely hormonal and all weekend I was crying on and off and I didn’t understand why. I’m the type of person that cries when they get angry or worked up, so I should’ve seen it as my body’s way of letting me know. My legs were clicking all day and I had lower back pains and then followed by stomach pains at night.

Early the next morning my waters broke. I hadn’t discussed with my midwife what actually happens and when to go in to the hospital so I called 111. An hour later my contractions started and I went into the hospital a few hours later as they asked for me to have a check up to see how me and the baby were doing. They checked that everything was okay and established that I was in early labour. I was sent home and told to do light exercise and try to take a bath. As the day went on the night came around, I was thankful that I was able to keep in touch with the midwives at the hospital. They helped to assure me that everything was okay and normal. I later went in that night as the pain got more intense however as soon as I got the hospital the contractions stopped. It was over 12 hours and I was still no further along in my labour.

I was again sent home to hang in tight and wait patiently. The only good thing coming out of this was the reassurance and the cold lucozade. I was told that I would be induced the next day scheduled at 12.30pm because of the time that my water broke and when I was first seen in the hospital. I went home to have barely any sleep and I was shattered. The contractions weren’t getting any easier and it was taking a toll on me more and more.

At 11am the next day I went into the hospital as the pains were getting intense and I honestly thought that it was it. I rang up the hospital and said I was on my way as the pain was getting unbearable. I was checked out and I only was 2cm dilated. I was fed up. They kept me in and told me to hang tight. From 11am until 4pm I was monitored and the baby was monitored to make sure we were both healthy and that everything was still okay as my labour progressed. At around 4:15pm I had enough of waiting to go into a delivery room and got the other half to get a midwife to see how far along I was. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even talk. I had to use hand gestures to let him know what I was feeling.

The midwife came in and checked out how far along I was and she told me I was 8cm dilated and that I was ready to go down into the delivery room. I was like I just want some pain relief. She got me some gas and air as she said I was allowed it now and got me to go to the toilet before being wheeled to the delivery suite. I had about 6 contractions whilst getting off the bed, going to the next room to the toilet and then walking back out. I knew that my body was saying she was nearly there. We got to the delivery suite about quarter to 5.

From here on out, I only had gas and air as I was too far along for any other pain relief. An hour later I was singing Summer of ’69 to my beautiful little baby girl, Imogen Rose. Born at 17:54 on the 17th of May, weighing 6 pounds and 7 ounces. It was probably the worst and best day of my life. Worst for all the pain and stress and tireness. The best because no matter how much of all that got me down, I had my little girl and seeing my other half hold her made me tear up with an emotion I never felt before in my life. 

Imogen at one day old. 


  1. Imogen is absolutely bloody gorgeous!! Loved reading your story.

    - Chloe

    1. Thank you so much! She's a little monster now! XO