Monday, 29 August 2016

Mama's and Papa's, Next and Paperchase haul.

 So last week the other half and myself went to Trafford Centre to pick up two things that we ordered online from mamas & papas as I couldn't attend an event and they very kindly sent me some vouchers. When I spent my voucher I then recieved another for spending over £30 and recieved another one! They just kept giving it seems. So off we went to find something else to buy. 

We picked up this First sit and play positioner chair in the sale for £24 which was £6 off in the sale. Imogen likes to sit up a lot and we like to sit her in this for a couple of minutes supervised. She's way to young for it but she really enjoys it so I can't wait to use the table with it when she's older. 

The table is attached by Velcro for easy access and so is the teddy bear that makes a jingle noise and the star that is a rattle. The table has a mirror and is also makes the crinkle noise, so when she is bigger she will love playing with it and hearing all the different sounds.  

One of the things that we picked up in store is the Sophie la girafe So Pure Multi-textured Teether. I was so unsure which one to pick as there are so many and they all have good reviews. Imogen has started teething a little bit so I knew I wanted to get one. I decided this one as it has bright colours on it and her eyes really do attract to the light. We bought this for £10 as it had 20% off. 

The other item we ordered was this babyplay tummy time activity roll which was £19.95 but we got it for £13.95. Got to love the sales! I think it's such a great toy. There's all different toggles and textures on it. There's scrunchy parts and a mirror on the side as well a butterfly you can move around. On one side there is an apple that plays music but it's not the best sounds out there admittingly though it is a nice extra.  

The last item I picked up was something I had my eye on since walking through the door. I've always wanted to use paint and have Imogens prints with us forever. They always look so messy so this looked perfect to me when I spotted it in the shop. I've got a full review coming up soon so keep an eye out for that. 

I think the tin it comes in is fantastic. It's great keepsake to have. It even has a space where you can write your child's name and the date it was made on.

The next couple of items are actually a gift from my brother. My brothers are amazing guys and they would do anything for me so it's no surprise when they are spoiling their niece. I wanted to share with you these as they are currently in store and I think they would be lovely for the autumn/winter time!  

First up is this cardigan/dress combination that is perfect for Autumn with it's rich colours.

He also bought these trio of tights which are adorable. The white ones have little hedgehogs on them which make me happy. 

And lastly from Next he bought us this hooded knitted jacket with little ears on top. We have a similar one that she wears that I bought from Debenhams in the Jasper Conran range, that will soon be getting small! 

And finally I nipped into Paperchase to pick up a couple of packs of cards. I've bought a couple of packs of thank you cards now because people have just been so kind to us before and after Imogen's arrival.  These simplistic ones are right up my alley and for a pack of 10 they were £2... now I think it was an error as it said £4 on the pack and there wasn't a sale so shhhh! 

I also picked up a couple of packs of cards to say hello for the snail mail club over on Instagram! They were also £4 each for a pack of 10. 

I'm excited to see Imogen try out these new toys when she gets a little bit bigger. It's so scary how quick babies grow! My brother was hoping that the outfit would fit her at Christmas! I'm thinking maybe they will last until Halloween. Speaking of which, there's only 2 months to go! Need to find some inspiration and ideas soon...



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