Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The first three months with a newborn baby.

Things have gotten a little bit crazy since having a newborn baby but things have had it’s up’s and down’s. It’s a hurricane and not just a whirlwind.

You’ve been preparing for this new life challenge that’s about to come up and when you’re little blossom arrives it can be very overwhelming. I personally was surrounded by family and friends every single day for the first three weeks. Night and day. It was so comforting knowing I had this massive support group but sometimes I just wanted time on my own to adjust. So when it came to being on my own I was really emotional and scared that I would struggle, especially when it came to being tired and the night feeds.  I was scared that I wouldn’t be a perfect mum.

You can put a lot of pressure on yourself when you’re being a parent for the first time. I’ve found that it isn’t just me but a lot of women that I have spoken to. I personally am a perfectionist so when I can’t control silly things like ironing or cleaning up I get frustrated. I just learnt to let it go, breathe deeply and just put all my energy into taking care of myself and my little one.

The first couple of weeks.
In the first couple of weeks it was hard to develop a routine. Imogen was actually amazing when it came to feeds. She was feeding every 2-3 hours and constantly napping. She was the best baby I could ever ask for. Imogen was so content. More so than her baby cousins. She never cried even when she had her heel prick. She made it so much easier for me to become a mum. There was so many people coming around visiting that I wasn’t getting rest when I could in between her feeding and it led to me breaking down several nights. I think I refused company twice but there was still people turning up. In the end my mum had to take her for a night or two so I could get some rest.

Being tired is hard work. I’ve been to university and done sleepless nights. I’ve been camping out for concerts on the streets. I know tired. However this, was much much harder. You have to get up and rush to your babies needs no matter how shattered you are. You have to.

In the first couple of weeks she showed us how content how she is as a person. How much she loves her cuddles and being held. She wasn’t interested in any toys or soothers. We had to try 3 different bottle types until she was happy with Tommee Tippee. I personally bottle fed my baby and it was my decision as it was the best one for my health. No matter who says what FED is best. Bottle or breast it's the mothers personal choice. 

12 Weeks old.

A few weeks on I’m feeling like a different person. Imogen is having bigger feeds every 4 hours and is sleeping through the night from around 10pm to 8am and only sometimes awakes at 5am which usually makes her sleep in longer. She started sleeping through from around two months old and I couldn’t be any luckier. She is what I call a little thumper and is forever kicking around so much we had to put her in her cot as her basket was rocking one night! 

It’s honestly crazy what you feel like when you finally get some sleep. I feel like I can be a better mum to Imogen by having more energy  around her. She’s developed so much as a little human. She’s almost laughing and always smiling and babbling to herself. She loves to watch Ru Paul and football alongside myself and her dad. I feel like I have adapted with her being in my life. 

I now go on walks with her, shopping and we have even took her swimming! She’s grown so much and I love her more and more every day. I’m excited for our future together. 

And now here's for the next challenge, more injections and the preparing for weaning! 



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