Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mamas & Papas Imprint Kit review.

So after the haul you may have seen earlier, I got to pick up some goodies at mamas & papas with gift cards I was given. So one of the things I decided to spend it on was this Imprint Kit. I wanted to do an imprint from the week she was born but we have a stubborn baby that likes to keep her hands close and it would've been impossible back then. I'm going to run you through what I did as I watched a youtube tutorial so I wouldn't mess it up and then tell you all about it at the end and what I really think of it. 

When you open up the tin you have a packet of clay. It's not that stuff that gets stuck to your fingers so don't worry about your little ones. When it says wash hands its so that they're clean for the clay, and that you remove all traces off them because we don't want that yucky stuff in their mouths do we?! So I rolled out the clay and pressed the shape by using the tin that it fits into as a press. 

This is where it get's a little bit tricky. Imogen is two months old now so the best time we found for us to try this was when she was sleepy after having her feed because she was too tired to make a fuss about it all. We started with the easier one, the foot and press gently but firmly to make an imprint. 

We then placed her hand onto the mold. I would advise to try and do this with a partner or friend for reassurance as it can be tricky if you have a wriggly little one! 

Here is what it looks like after we've pressed both of them into the mold. The foot is a lot deeper as she likes to stomp away. 

After Imogen had pressed into it I used the tin again to use as a press to make sure it would fit once it dries and removed the excess. 

I then wrote in how old she is which was easier said that done. The clay was drying out and I didn't wait the initial 10-15 minutes like you're supposed to before using it at the beginning. 

It was actually really easy to use. I've always wanted to do the poster paint hand and feet prints but I might try and do that on each month anniversary of her birth. It looked easy from the instructions but I watched a youtube tutorial just to be sure. I wish it was easier to write into the clay but I guess it's not meant for that so I have no fault with that. I just found that the clay dried out very quickly from using it straight away so I would be aware when trying it for yourself with time. Apart from that I think it is an amazing keepsake to have for when your little one is older. I would recommend this to all of my friends and I think it's a great gift to give someone who is expecting/who has a child. 



  1. Ah wow this is a fantastic kit! I've been meaning to find an imprint kit that actually works (I tried making my own salt dough and it was rubbish!). Great review. Xx

    1. Oh I know that feeling I gave it an attempt the other day, but it turns out the temp was too high on the oven! Thanks love! xo