Thursday, 8 September 2016

What I pack in our everyday changing bag.

I'm a person that has watched countless of youtube video's about this and that while I was pregnant and I wanted to try and get everything prepared well in advance. I'm a worrier, a list maker and generally can be quite OCD with things. So I thought I'd share with you what I take out with me and Imogen in her changing bag and what we actually use on a daily basis and what I take out as a just in case.

To start off with, I bought a changing bag. I know there's different opinions about having them but I found it to be the best option for us. I've used a rucksack and there is nothing wrong with whatever type of bag you use/buy. The difference normally with changing bags is the multiple amount of pockets inside and out, extra items you're given with it and the easy access as most are usually wider than longer.

My partner's father bought us this changing bag as a gift we asked for as we had been pretty much given everything that we needed in the beginning. I had my eye on this babymoov bag online and it wasn't in the shops. I watched countless youtube videos before I thought to invest into this particular one.

The bag comes with a dummy pocket, a bottle insulator, a couple of clear zip pockets, a blanket and a detachable changing mat. I just thing it was a great deal for your money. *side note: if you're signed up to bounty check your email's it's currently on offer for £26!!*

In the changing bag itself I pack the following for our everyday trips out of the house. If I know we're going out for a longer time period then I pack extra bottles and bibs. Speaking of which, it's the only thing I forgot to display in the picture! 

So shown in the photograph above: 

  • Bottle insulator
  • Cellular blanket (as it's summer)
  • Teething necklace (I got mine from here [X])
  • Hand and face wipes
  • 2 Muslin cloths
  • Extra nappies
  • Spare outfit
  • Dummy pocket
  • Powder dispenser 
  • Hand cream for myself
  • A pre made milk for emergencies
  • Little scissors
  • Bottle for pre made milk (I add extra bottles depending on how long I think I'll be out)
  • Medical and bits bag
  • Changing mat
  • A book
  • Mittens
  • Spare socks
  • And as mentioned, not pictured I also pack bibs. 
These are just generally all the things I take with us as a just in case as believe me, nappy accidents happen. Not getting a seat in a coffee shop to make warm milk happens. And it's better to have medical things just in case. 

So inside the medical bag/bits and bobs bag I pack:
  • Calpol teething gel
  • Calpol nasal spray
  • Boots own brand face sun cream
  • Tommee Tippee nail clippers
  • Sudocrem
  • Two bepanthen's (the little tube is about to run out)
  • Tissues
  • Thermometer
  • Hair brush. 
I bet you're probably thinking, how does she clean her baby?! Have no fear!

In the nappy changing mat I pack:
  • Wipes
  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags
Currently we're using the huggies wipes but I will be uploading a post soon on what wipes are a hit or miss. I pack all these in the netted bag so I can just detach from the changing bag when I'm out with friends and I don't have to faff around and I can be as efficient as possible! 

It honestly seems like a lot and it generally it is, however this IS minimal packing when it comes to a newborn baby. So a sturdy bag is a must. I hope this helps any new parent's to be out there on what you actually need to buy. 



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