Saturday, 22 October 2016

5 months later with a baby.

Who would've known that it would've come so soon, so quick! It seems like yesterday I was just putting her wardrobe together and writing endless lists on what to buy and what I would need when I had a baby. 

Just 12 days earlier than I thought she arrived into my little world and made one massive impact. I can't believe it. My little tiny baby turned into this giggling squeaking little girl. It's crazy just how quick it can actually go. 

Today we've had our downs. Teething. Lack of sleep. Grumpiness. Not feeding properly. It's just been a whirlwind and as soon as daddy comes home it's all smiles. And as much as I want to hate that it's not me she's giving them to, it's a relief to see her distracted from the pain. I hope she gets her little peggy's through soon because it's becoming unbearable at times. 

In that time I've lost friends and made a whole group of new ones who are at the exact same point as me, and who are also struggling at times with the everyday life being a current full time mum. 

It's reassuring to have a group that's so positive and non judgemental behind us as they really help with the days that can be quite lonesome. When everyone's at work and not having many mummy friends locally it just helps knowing at the click of a button that you have this instant loving friendship group. 

Imogen is becoming quite the little drama queen and I hope it's not due to me, rolling my eyes too much at her dad. She tries to pick who she wants to give her attention and will wake in the night squealing her little head off. It can be irritating at 4 in the morning when you've only slept for half an hour but when she smiles you have to laugh. It's not her fault. 

We still have no teeth! Well I have plenty but Imogen's not showing any of the little whites yet but we're hoping they will be I the next month. However she is progressing quickly as she has rolled over for the first time, she's shuffling her way around the carpet and she is almost sitting up by herself. It's amazing how quick they learn everything. 

We started weaning her this month as we could tell she was ready. We tried porridge and baby rice but she wasn't keen too much on it at all. So we tried her with some sweet potato and parsnips and well, the bowl was nearly licked clean. 

All of this makes me so excited for the next couple of months when she gets more interested in toys and we put her onto proper solid food. 

Until next time 



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