Thursday, 20 October 2016

The next SALE haul!

A few weeks a little bit too late I thought I'd show you the goodies me and my mum managed to pick up from Next while the sale was on. I have a serious problem when it comes to clothes shopping for Imogen and it doesn't help that my mother is 100 times worse. So, fashionably late none the less I thought I would show you the great bargains that we picked up. 

My mum first spotted this dress and gillet combo in the sale for £10. At first I really wasn't sure about it or how it would look on, but I think it's the most adorable thing to put Imogen into. 

She also spotted this bee tshirt. It's supposed to be in her size but it's massive! Has anyone else found that all of their clothes say the same size but when you compare them, they have different measurements? Just me? Hmm. Anyway she picked up this beauty for £3

I picked up this cute applique t-shirt just because I honestly thought it was so creative and I think Imogen will love to look at the pictures! I picked up this bargain for £3! 

Now we're at my favourite pick of the lot! I picked up this cotton blouse for just £2.50. I know it's summerish but it would go perfectly paired with some of her Zara trousers and joggers. 

Now for my least favourite. My mum picked this up for Immy and I honestly. I really don't like it. I think it looks grannyish. She loves it so we will try Imogen with it. She bought it for £6.50.

Where do I sign up for these in my own size? I would love to have these. At only £2.50 I think they were a good bargain! Cute printed bear joggers. 

I can't quite make up my mind about what this print is but it is super cute and pastel coloured. I think it would go lovely with a white cardigan and tights and a big fluffy coat this winter! 

This little print dress was only £3 and it'll do nicely for next summer! 

Another dress I wish was in my size. This floral 70's vibe number was also only £3! 

And lastly my mum bought this dungaree set. It came fit with a long sleeve vest (which got used straight away due to a poop explosion.. typical!). 

I hope everyone else managed to pick up some goodies in the sale and I'm tempted to get up at 3am for the sale on boxing day. Who knows! 

Until next time! 



  1. My daughter had that pink and white dress in up to 1month. Its adorable but she only got to wear it once as she grew out of it pretty quick!xx

    1. I think we have it in 6-9, but she barely fits 3-6 and she's just short of 6 months! Crazy really! We had Imogen in her up to one month dresses at 3 months, just different sizing everywhere! XO