Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Sickness Diaries // Episode 1: Nappy Rash.

Honestly the day had to come where the little one got sick. Well, she’s not sick as such or maybe I’m being a little dramatic but nappy rash is a serious thing. Well in our house it is. Imogen was showing all the tell tale signs that she was ready for food and to be weaned and I think this is where everything started. We gave her a little bit of baby rice for two mornings in a row and she wasn’t ready so we stopped. It wasn’t like she ate a lot because she kept shoving it back out of her mouth. So after it she had a change in her stools. We expected it.

She’s had bad nappy rash for over a week now and with the GP’s not having any appointments we’ve researched and researched and talked to pharmacists about what to do. It’s got to the point where her skin is breaking and she’s so sore. I feel absolutely horrible but we’re doing the best we can. We’re leaving her skin to breathe, wiping her gently with water wipes and patting her dry and using nappy rash creams to protect.

We’ve tried a lot of creams and honestly there’s a few I wouldn’t buy again. Different things work for different babies. It's not just the fact she's started food but she's teething horrendously and has been doing so since she was 10 weeks old. I keep thinking that we will wake up one morning and she’ll have a full mouth of chompers. 

We tried bepantham but found that the moisture just added to her rash as she was almost chaffing in a way. I love bepantham in the past I think it's a great barrier cream but I didn't find it to work for us when she became ill. Plus I swear by it to use when you've been tattooed. 

We tried metanium but it made the rash spread and didn't find it to be a great barrier cream. I know it's highly recommended but for us it was a no. 

We tried sudocrem as it's what we normally use.  It worked as a barrier but she wasn't healing any better it just seemed to stay the same. 

My mum recommended we use Vaseline and as I just picked some petroleum jelly in the Aldi sale we tried the mamia’s version. It just did the same job as sudodocrem. 

So then we went to the pharmacy as my local are all qualified pharmacists they're not just sales advisors. Our pharmacist recommended everything we said and she told us about contrane. She told me it wasn't new but it was something her mum swore by so we thought we might as well give it a try. It was just like the rest of the others but it has a mild anaesthetic so it helps your baby not be in so much pain. It was rather cheap around the £1.50 mark. As we're on the program we got  for free but since I have been in and purchased it just for general use as we start to wean her and as she's still teething. 

It just shows that no matter what you might not always get it right and it's not your fault. Luckily for us after using the cream for a couple of days it cleared the rash completely. Her skin went back to normal. For a mum it's a massive relief. 

I completely recommend you try it out for yourself as it's quite inexpensive and for how much you get compared to what's on the high street these days. 

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