Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Turning 24// What I got for my birthday!

The big ole' 24! I think I'm more disappointed because I don't know a song about being 24. I'm the kind of gal that enjoys a good hand made present or even just a card for their birthday. So while I was spoiled by my family and friends I was happy to receive anything at all. 

I wanted to share with you what I was gifted for my birthday as I enjoy seeing what people buy for others for their birthdays, as it helps me to think of new ideas for my family and friends. I was lucky to recieve some gifts in the first place and I am very thankful to have received them. 

From my friend Micayla I recieved this Anna Sui perfume. I'm picky as heck when it comes to perfumes but as she knows me better than anyone she picked something that was sweet and floral and not too sickly. It's even better that it's a cute design! 

As well as this, she bought me a medium sized makeup/ toiletries bag as me and Reece are hoping to go away for a night or two to celebrate our anniversary a bit late, just due to the time that Imogen arrived! It's a lovely rose gold scaly design. Inside there is a small zip pocket that I normally use to store bobbles and hair pins. 

To carry on with the rose gold theme she picked out these necklaces for me. A choker with friends engraved on the trunk of the tree. And a double necklace with a sun and hamsa that hang at different lengths. All together it looks great especially paired with a white tee! 

And last but not least. Both Micayla and my mum  bought me chocolate. Considering I'm on a diet and half of them have been demolished it was very naughty! 

My partner always struggles with what to buy me for my birthday. I can hint and hint and hint and he still doesn't know what to get me. To be honest, everyone in my family thinks I'm hard to buy for. Really, a bottle of wine and a book. ANY book. I will be the happiest person in the world. 

Reece surprised me by buying me a bunch of flowers. I honestly used to hate flowers, maybe because I was bitter for never receiving them. Since then my new found favourites are lillies. I love the way they flower and smell and how it lingers around the home. I was shocked when he bought me these as he really isn't the kind of guy who would buy me a bunch of flowers but more like buy me a takeaway (yes this is our kinda true love). 

As well as this, I had hinted about wanting a new purse for a while. Every time I buy a purse it's only a cheap and nasty because they just get ruined. However, since becoming a mum I needed a purse with more room and pockets. Gotta get couponing!

I had a look in a few stores and found nothing I fancied at a reasonable price. I had a nosy at Cath Kidston and I pointed the purse out to Reece. For weeks he kept trying to make me buy it but me being me couldn't justify it for myself. Everything I buy lateley is for Imogen. I accidently saw the order page on my laptop and I saw the email confirmation when he was on his phone and I had to tell him so I spoilt the present... Whoops! 

It has a strange almost rough texture to the purse and it has lots of slots to put cards. It has two wide slots on either part of the cards where I hold my notes and coupons for safe keeping. I think it's a brilliant all rounder purse and I'm really happy that he caved in when I didn't! 

From my family I received money as I'm saving up to move house so everything is going in a jar towards that but one of my brothers got me a little gift on the side just to have and treat myself! Anyway, now to fly through as everybody knows about Soap & Glory from Boots at Christmas! Yes, he also accidentally got me a Christmas gift but I'm loooooving it. 

These are just heavenly. I always hope to receive this stuff at Christmas from any and everybody. It's just so sweet and delightful. The body scrubs are my fave as they actually leave my skin feeling fresh compared to some I've tried in the past. 

One of my lovely mama friends Louise sent me a card and this little handmade present in the post! I thought it was confetti from the way it was rattling. Should've seen my face when the card didn't explode everywhere! It's a sapphire stone bracelet for my birth month. It's just so thoughtful and lovely! 

And finally with some of my birthday money I treated myself to some new trainers. Being the fussiest person in the world it took me 4 shopping trips to pick up a pair of burgundy converse lows. 

You honestly can't go wrong with a pair of converse. It's took me back to 2007! I'm back in love with them as basic and plain as they are. 

And that's everything I received for my birthday. It might not be much to some people or it might be a lot I'm not sure but I'm so happy and thankful for my friends and family. Now here's to the next year ahead of me! 



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