Monday, 21 November 2016

6 Months update: Baby and me!

It’s little princesses’ half birthday! 6 Months old already. Imogen’s growing so quickly and learning even faster it’s incredible to see how quick it all happens. I’m so proud of my little munchkin. We’ve had our up’s and downs and I think an update to show how far we’ve actually come since May is much needed so here we are!

Since our last update we have had to stopped weaning. We had problems with Imogen drinking her milk as she would stop all together. We knew it was more important for her to drink milk, and that food is for her to taste and become familiar with textures. We’re trying slowly again with fruit and veg at tea time for the next two weeks and then introducing breakfast. Just because she stops drinking her milk for several hours in the morning.

She’s rolling over like no tomorrow. Back and forward around the room. The clever little bugger is trying to crawl as well and she has only just turned 6 months old! We’ve no idea where her brains have come from! I can’t wait to see what new trick she learns next.

We are STILL waiting on those peggies. Good grief they’ve still not come through and don’t we know it. Chomping away like no tomorrow on everything she can see in sight. Rashes are appearing on her face from excessive dribbling. Those rosy red cheeks, and the whining to accompany it alongside. We’re praying they come through this month.

She can sit up by herself and hold herself up now properly but hasn’t quite mastered how to actually sit up just yet but is trying at every opportunity by flinging her body forward.

And lastly she’s learnt her voice. She’s been babbling away for months but over the past week or so she can scream and laugh and babble not just when she’s in a good mood at home but will do it while we’re out shopping and it’ll be random. She’s hilarious when she does it! 

Over the last 6 months we've gone from me being traumatized because I didn't even know how to wind a baby to being able to hold her upside down to make her giggle. She's drinking, eating, babbling, laughing, smiling, being cheeky, watching television properly (Paw Patrol gives me a minute to wash the dishes!), playing with toys, rolling over, sitting up, trying to stand even at times and crawl. She's also becoming a drama queen, fighting her naps, chucking things on the floor on purpose for constant attention, crying for no reason.

And myself? Over the last 6 months I've dealt with PND, weight loss, weight gain, confidence issues, hair loss, loneliness and anxiety. I've got a strong community of people behind me and I don't think I could've managed it without all of them. Just know that babies develop so quickly it's crazy and they are very temperamental so it's okay if you're having a bad day, week or month. We're all going through it. I wrote about 6 things you need to do as a new mother  here

I think I cried every other day at first but it's slowing down. I cry because of all the above reasons but I also do it because of mum guilt. I just never think I'm enough, or that i'm doing enough. The reassurance I have is that I know I am, and you'll know yourself is that my baby is happy, healthy and developing into this amazing little buddy. I'm the best mum to my daughter that will ever be. 

It's been an amazing 6 months and in the next 6 months, I can't wait to see what will happen next! 

Until the next update 


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