Friday, 25 November 2016

Bath time essentials ft. Glow sticks?!

Over the last 6 months we've learnt that bath time is a big part of your routine with your little one. It doesn't matter if it's a bath, for the sake of a bath. Or it could well just be a poo explosion that's gone all the way into their hair (it happens, beware!). So after trying a few different things out I want to share with you all what we've used and what works and what doesn't. 

At first when you bring your newborn child home you don't want to be leaning over a big bath with a slippy little babe. We were handed down a few items to make things easier on our bank accounts but a baby bath is one of the thing's we would've invested in regardless. 

Having a baby bath made it so much easier when R was on nights at work and I could still hold and wash her. I used to put it on the floor in our bedroom for ease and comfort to change her into her pj's straight away. I know you can get a similar one in Asda for £11! I know a lot of people don't like them and think they can be a waste of money for how little they're in them. Imogen was born at 6 pounds and 7 ounces so she was a tiny baby and was in this until she was 3 and half months old! 

Next we used the deluxe baby bather which we got from Asda for £16. I used it when I first started having baths with Imogen in our bath tub. I thought she would fit it properly but I found she slid in it too much and to get the water to cover her body, it covered her head first. It was awkward but it gave my arms a rest. I wouldn't bother getting this again because I don't find that it helps. If a next time happens, I will invest in the Angelcare bath seat. 

Something you need when bathing is a thermometer. I didn't honestly think about it on my million and one lists when I was pregnant but it became obvious as soon as I left the hospital. I picked up this little Winnie the Pooh thermometer from Poundland believe it or not. It does the job and I always wait until the bath is 37 degrees celcius and I always check the temperature with my elbow, just in case. Most times I'm in the bath with her so I can tell myself if it's too hot. This little buddy is a great cheap buy if you're on a budget and I would recommend trying it out for yourself! 

On to washing. When I first heard about top'n'tail baths it just sent me back to sleepovers at friends houses as a kid and I honestly didn't understand the concept. With one side for the head and one side for the lower body, it helps separate the areas you're cleaning. I wouldn't think it's a necessary product to have but it did help. We had two Ramer sponge's, a soap and shampoo so it helped separate it all especially if you're bathing your little one by yourself. This one is from Boots and costs £2.99. 

As Immy got a little bit older and a bit more wriggly it was harder to wash the soap out of her hair so I bought a jug for ease and speed. It's from Tesco and it costs £4. It's something I know we will use for a couple of years because I still have memories of my parents using the kitchen jug on my head until I was old enough to bath myself! 

Next on the list are Ramer sponges. These sponges come in the packets already a bit dare I say it, moist. They're the softest sponges for you to use on your little one's. I know there are cheap sponges out there and I was going to pick them out myself, but once I felt these in store I just knew I had to have them for her skin. We picked up a couple from Boots own brand and we picked up a few from Asda. 

Obviously babies need towels to dry off just like us adults do and I didn't make a fuss about where I got ours from. We picked up a bundle from Asda in the baby event, and this one from Ikea. The thing I like about the Ikea one in particular, is that it's a lot longer than others I've seen, so she can use it as she grows. 

Johnson's are a controversial brand. With what has happened in recent events people are being put off them as a company. I'm not entirely sure what it completely true but we've always found that the couple of products we use from them, work for us. 

First off I bought the Bedtime Baby Bath. It has a lovely calming scent that I wish I could describe to you. I think it's actually the priciest out of their bath soap range but it's worth it. It helps Imogen calm down as she's not the happiest bather, and I don't mind being in the bath when this stuff is being poured in! I'm still on the hunt for something that will make her sleep through the night! HA! If that exists. 

Now this is a little throwback. If you're a 90's chick (92 to be exact) then you know exactly what this smells like. Childhood. Another no brainer for us, as it doesn't break her sensitive skin out, keeps her hair fluffy and clean. Enough said really! Oh, and it's a good cleanser for makeup brushes as a back up! 

A product that I never used is baby powder. This is something my partner bought when our Imogen started chaffing under her arms a little bit, just to take off the moisture edge on her skin. We used it a bit when she was a newborn but not as much now. I would say it's personal preference if you use it, but I don't think it's a must buy. 

And lastly from the batch, baby lotion. We haven't found a lotion just yet that soothes Imogen's skin the way it should but this is the only one that seems to not make it greasy or dry out. We're on the hunt for something else but that's due to her skin being super sensitive. It's honestly the smell you think of when you think of babies. 

Good ole' cotton wool buds. These have helped us a couple of times. From stubborn bogies (I'm a mum, it's what we do!) to getting the bit of soap out of the little creases in her ears. We don't use anything fancy as there isn't a need for it but these ones from Asda's Little Angels line work perfectly as they're not too hard or too flaky!

And last but not least. Glow sticks. I'm not advising you to use them, but we use them as part of sensory when having a bath. Especially if R is doing a light show with the bathroom light and then these glow up in the dark. It's one of Imogen's favourite things about bath time and it makes it more enjoyable for her and ourselves. I just buy the standard packs from Asda and hoop them and place them around the bath tub for visualization. 

So that's everything we use! We try to keep it simple and not over do it with time. We bath Imogen every couple of days rather than every night as it honestly depends on her moods with her teething constantly lately. I know it's pretty straight forward but hopefully for you mum's to be, it can give you some idea's on what you could use and not spend a million pounds on! 

Until next time, 


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