Tuesday, 29 November 2016

#MAMAMEETUK //: The Leeds edition.

On Wednesday myself and Imogen ventured out to Leeds for a day out to meet up with some mama’s and their babes. Previously we went to the one that was hosted in Manchester and made some lovely new mama friends and became very close to a couple ever since. The whole point about the meet up is to meet new mum friends in your area.  So when I went to the Leeds meet up I didn’t have a blind eye to it. As I had been to a previous meet up, I became close friends with a couple of mumma’s and decided to go to the Leeds event to see them again.

After a very gruelling morning and a sleepless night, we headed on the train into Leeds town centre. With a cup of coffee in hand, a huge bag of cupcakes that I had made for all the mums the night before and a few Christmas cards I was ready to meet up with some mums I had been talking to on Instagram, and some that I had never even heard of. 

Hosted by Sophie, we all went to the Trinity Kitchen prams in tow into our reserved area.  Have you ever seen 20+ prams all move at once around a shopping centre together? It looked like a scene from a film! The area itself wasn’t as well organised as it could’ve been in the end, as because there was so many prams, tables and chairs, we missed out on talking to half of the mums that were there, and as it was a lot of their first time at a meet up, I think they were a little bit too shy to come over to talk to us.

For the positive though, I got to talk to a few of the ladies that I follow on Instagram, including a mumma called Charl, who I ‘knew’ through my boyfriend. It was lovely meeting her and she was just as lovely as I had pictured her to be in my head. In fact, all of the mums were. There wasn’t anyone or anything that I felt uncomfortable with. It was such a lovely day.

The only thing that got a bit awkward was the few random people on their lunch breaks obviously looking for a table to enjoy their dinner, that gate crashed our reserved area. It only added to the day and we were soon laughing. The meet up was quickly over and it was down to only 4 of us.  We had a pretty deep conversation and soon found that our babies were sick of us as all four of our children had fallen asleep in our arms!

I stayed after and went mooching around the shops with Sophie and her daughter and we had a quick trip to the Christmas markets. I tell you what, they have nothing on Manchesters! So much so that the next mum meet up is in Manchester to see the Christmas markets! I’m so excited.

We headed back home at tea time and due to the lack of room on the train, Imogen was stuck in a luggage rack. After the train cleared on the first stop, we got moved to a seat in first class and offered hot water for Imogen’s milk and a coffee for this tired mama. It was all in all, an amazing day out and even better than the one before. Now I’m super excited for the next event!

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