Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The teething episodes: A lengthy, part one.

Teething is a natural thing to happen to every human on this earth but it doesn't make it hurt any less. Some babies go through a lot of pain and a lot of babies don't at all. We weren't so lucky. Suffering with every symptom going it's changing Imogen's attitude completely and sometimes she seems like a completley different baby. Hand eating, biting everything in sight, red cheeks, crying and irritability, swollen gums, turning off her milk and food, trouble sleeping and the worst, drooling. Not just a dribble. Full on drool.

So far we've experienced a lot of disturbed nights sleep and now we've had a night of no actual sleep it's getting to a point that it's worse than when she was first born. At least it was a bum change and milk and now it's a struggle to try and get her to sleep. I feel horrible that I can't take it away from her and even with trying everything nothing seems to completely help but I've found a few products that have actually helped us. 

One of the first thing's we tried was this MAM cooling teether that I picked up at the Baby & Toddler Convention earlier this year. We held it to apply a bit of cooling pressure to take the edge off on her gums. As she was under 3 months there wasn't really anything that we could give her except a little bit of calpol when her temperature got high.

R then picked up this Nuby Chewbie. It has two soft sides and two harder sides. It's for 3 months plus but we just held it and let her chomp on it a little bit. She didn't take to it at all so we've sterilised it to use at a later date.

She had all her usual dummies but she was sucking on them like no other and the best ones we found were the Philips Avent dummies. They've only got a few with designs on them so they're not the best design wise but I think they're really good considering they're not the cheapest on the market!

When Imogen was 3 months old we tried Baby Bonjela teething gel. We think Imogen had a bad reaction with this though as she had a rash all over her body. We're not sure if it was just a heat rash, the gel or both so we stopped using it immediately after getting her checked out with the GP. He then told us that teething was natural and he wouldn't recommend anything to us. Understandable but a bit of a 'oh bugger' moment!

We bought a couple more teethers including the Sophie La Girafe Multi Textured Teether and this teething necklace from shopmummyandme. Both of these are made from silicone and are built for babies teething purposes. The Sophie teether barely got any use at first but I would highly recommend it due to all the different textures. I've heard that the original has a sqweak! Not sure I could cope with that all day! The geometric necklace makes a cute piece for mummy to wear and baby to chomp. Imogen loves having a right natter on it. These are probably the best teethers we bought!

After trying out Bonjela, R came home with Calgel. It's just a teething gel made by the capol company. This was probably our best buy yet. Imogen thinks it's a treat when we give it to her and she loves it. She showed no sort of allergic reaction to it whatsoever and it seems to give her some comfort when her gums are at the worst.

The only problem is that it tends to be sold out a lot where we live so we've tried a couple of others just in case we aren't able to get it! One of the other's that we've tried is Boots teething gel. Again, she had no allergic reaction to it and it seemed to soothe her, but not for as long as the Calgel does. It's a great alternative, slightly cheaper, and easier for us to pick up.

Another one I bought is the Dentinox teething gel. We haven't actually tried this one yet as we have a couple of Calgel's now we are using but I think it will be just as similar so when we try it, I'll add an extra note below!

R, picked up some of these Bickiepegs from Asda and although I've heard of them before I never reached out to try them. They're quite hard biscuits that don't melt when chewing on them so there's no worry of choking/melting. They're for 6 months + so I wouldn't advice using them before but we just held it as Imogen sat up chomping on it. I think it's great for her to knaw on with her gums.

He also picked up some of the Ashton & Parsons Infant Powders for Teething relief. He's quite on the ball when it comes to things for Imogen and it makes things a lot easier for us. We've tried Imogen with a bit of the powder and applied it two different ways. One, onto her tongue directly like instructed. And two as a lot of parent's have suggested to us, rubbed a little bit onto her gums where she's teething. She made a right fuss about it and didn't take to it at all but it worked like a charm and I would recommend this too.

So the last thing we've used is a food feeder. We've put in some cold grapes, banana and strawberries into this and just packed it tight so she could chomp away happily. It's like a little treat and something that soothes the gums at the same time and she loves it when she see's us putting it together. I think it's the best one for you to connect with your baby while she's teething. Sometimes cuddles just doesn't cut it for them!

The best medicine truly is lots of cuddles, soothing in the ways you and your baby know the best and to try and distract them for the pain, although all the methods above help ease it!

I hope this helps any mum's out there going through the same difficult spot!

The thing to note is that Imogen started teething at just 10 weeks old. Considering she was born two weeks early aswell, it shows how quickly it can come around. What I write here is for teething from 10 weeks to Imogen's age now which is 10 days short of 6 months.

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