Monday, 5 December 2016

*BLOGMAS* DAY 4: Goals for the holiday season!

Every year I set myself goals for the new year but never actually think about what I want to achieve during the holiday season. During the holidays there are a million and one things that I actually would like to do but always seem to forget, and thus missing out. This year I'm writing a plan, that I visit as many places as I can and plan for when R is off, to take Imogen to do things. 

Between it being our first family Christmas, Imogen's first and the fact I'm not currently working it means I can plan for us to do more things even if it's just going for a walk around the Christmas markets. So here is my list of Christmas goals and hey, maybe you get a bit of inspiration too! 

  • Christmas markets. With R (as a date night) and with both R and Imogen. (Hey, can't get drunk with a baby can we?!)
  • Take Imogen to see Santa 
  • Get a photo shoot done as a family/Imogen on her own 
  • Create our own Christmas cards 
  • Get Imogen her first Christmas decoration 
  • Get a 2016 bauble for the tree 
  • Go ice skating with R 
  • Make sure I achieve all the traditions I would like with Imogen I wrote about the here
  • Bake some gingerbread men
  • Put together a gingerbread house successfully
  • Create our own hand printed bauble
  •  Wrap presents presentably. (Yep, this is a goal, anyone else awful at wrapping?!)
  • Eat my body weight in food. I'll be going on Slimming world after my mums Christmas dinner! 
  • Watch a christmas film in pjs with blankets and ice cream by the fire. The Holiday anyone?
  • To actually feel Christmassy. You know when all the decorations are up and you just get that big warm feeling? Yep it's not arrived yet, come on! 
  • Dress Imogen up in all different outfits for the 12 days of Christmas.

Are there any goals or things you'd like to achieve this holiday season? Let me know!

Until next time, 


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