Thursday, 1 December 2016

*BLOGMAS!* DAY 1: Kickstarting Blogmas and Christmas Traditions.

So it's finally the big countdown to Christmas Day! I'm just like a big kid, I just get so excited for Christmas and now that it's December, it's finally acceptable to talk about it! This year I've decided to take part in Blogmas, and hopefully post every day about a different thing to do with Christmas. I want to include some DIY's, gift ideas/wishlists, and general first Christmas things that we're doing with Imogen.

As it's her first Christmas she's not really old enough to understand what Christmas actually is but I want to create many memories for her, and for us. I want to start traditions off this year with her as I have my own with my mum and it makes me even more excited for Christmas day.

I've listed the traditions I had with my mum, as I want to continue them with Imogen and I've added some new extra's that I would love to do with her aswell!

+ Advent Calender (I want to make my own when she's a little bit older)
+ New pj's on Christmas Eve
+ Colouring book and pencils (hey, I'm only 24, and I always colour in the lines!)
+ A pack of cards on Christmas Eve
+ Watching The Nightmare before Christmas, on Christmas Eve
+ Watching The Snowman, on Christmas Day
+ Opening 1 present from my mum on Christmas Eve (I'd let Imogen have maybe a soft toy)
+ Putting out all the nibbles on Christmas Eve
+ A bauble for every year
+ Stocking
+ Christmas eve box
+ Visit Santa's grotto until she stops beliving
+ Christmas themed outfits
+ Going to the Christmas markets every year with her

What are you planning for your Christmas traditions? Let me know!


  1. Aww the traditions all sound so lovely. It's fun being a big kid!

    Tajinder |

    1. The best thing about having a daughter this year is that I get to be an even bigger kid haha! Thanks hun! xo