Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas on a budget with gift ideas!

So this year I'm feeling the pinch big time. Between my partner changing jobs 4 times this year, and the mess that was supposed to be maternity pay I can't afford to splurdge out on everyone so I have to stick to a budget. It can be tricky but if you think of one gift and a couple of little bits to go with it, it's not too hard! 

I've decided to spend around £20 on each family member as we said we're not going crazy this year. This year everyone will be spending their money spoiling Imogen and luckily, we've already bought most of her presents! I'll spend a bit more on R however I can't say what I will get him in fear of him reading this post! I always shop very late in the year just because as much as I want to be that organised shopper, I hate shopping for other people! It can be quite difficult. It's very rare unless you're buying for kids, or expensive items, that things will run out of stock. In fact, things have started going into the sale so here are my tips.

1). Write out a list of what you would things you would like to get each family member. If there are things in specific, do your research and shop around on the internet and in stores.

2). Work out how much money you have specifically to spend. Make sure you count wrapping paper, cellotape, ribbon and present toppers, that coffee and cheeky chocolate bar to keep you going while you shop and those sweetie stocking fillers!

3). Look around stores, don't just stick to the gift idea sections. I love buying things I enjoy for my friends so when they're on offer it's even better rather just sticking to Soap and glory as an easy winner. I recently looked into the L'oreal skin masks that are on offer at Superdrug for £6, a great gift for a friend who enjoys beauty as much as me! 

4). 3 for 2. Buy 1 get the 2nd half price. You know them deals. Highstreets and supermarket stores have these everywhere. Think of things that you can get the same of for your family/friends. But trust me, shop around. Sometimes it seems like you're getting a bargain when you're really not. E.g, body wash sets. Not everyone's favourites but something everyone uses!
Plus, if you go for this route, I'd check out who's doing the best deal and if it's very similar, stick to boots. You'll gain more points and have them to spend again in store.

5). Hit the stores first thing in the morning. The earlier you go, the less people there are. I'm an annual Christmas Eve shopper, I just can't help it! I've been known to go shopping for food at 4am!

6). SALES! If you're not going to see someone until after Christmas, then don't fret to get them a present! Sales will be starting ON Christmas day online and in store on boxing day, so you could save yourself a few extra pennies! My favourite is lush as everything from the Christmas collection is usually half price!

7). If you can't find that specific gift you set your eyes on for someone, leave them until last and whatever you money you don't spend up on with others, you might have a bit extra to splurdge. 

So I've listed some ideas on I'm looking at buying for each family member and friends below:

For the fussy mum who doesn't "want" anything but also doesn't actually like anything.

  • Slippers
  • Dressing gown (Yeah these are really my mums favourites).
  • Mug
  • Chocolates
  • Photo frame with a family portrait in.
  • Smellies
  • Hand and foot creams
  • Foot spa
  • Moisturizers 
  • Nail care and nail varnish
  • Jewellery
  • Jumper

For my brothers, who are both in their thirties that act like 10 year olds. 


  • Silly gadgets that they will probably never use again
  • Socks
  • Smellies 
  • Hoodies/Jumper
  • Trainers
  • Console games
  • Shavers
  • Alcohol 
  • Batman/Spiderman 
  • Magazine subscriptions
For my other half who will probably try and read this, just a few ideas to throw around. Don't worry R, I wont actually list them. 
The Boyfriend:
  • Smellies
  • Hockey memorabilia that he's asked for
  • A cactus, to see if he remembers to water it 
  • Socks, because mine seem to walk into his drawer
  • Beard care
  • Anything from Lush
  • Books
  • Jerseys
  • Anything peanut butter related
  • Coffee aeropress 
  • Keyring with a picture of our daughter
  • Chocolates
  • An obnoxious card to irritate him with
For my daughter, who is too young to really understand Christmas, we're getting her some things she will use through the year (unlike the pack of wipes she wants to destroy)
  • A walker
  • A new pram (okay okay, we won one, but we was going to buy her a stroller!)
  • Books to read
  • Activity books
  • Clothes
  • A silver bracelet
  • Toys
  • A selection box 
  • Monitor
  • Bath seat
  • Jumperoo

And for my friends, I usually try and not buy them the things they normally buy me!

  • Half of the 3 for 2 boots gifts, we all love smellies don't we?!
  • Candles
  • Jewellery
  • Skincare products
  • Phone cases
  • Make up 
  • Make up brushes
  • Lush products
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Dvd's
  • Gift cards

Now this is just a provisional list of things I'd normally go for when buying for my friends and family, just to help give you a few ideas. I can't actually wait for Christmas I love gift exchanging and I love wrapping presents even more so. What are you buying for others this Christmas? Anything out of the 'normal'? 

Until next time!


  1. Some good tips here. I always finish my shopping really early and then kinda wish I hadn't as I love the idea of shopping right before Christmas and feeling all festive xx

  2. This is such a good post I wish I'd seen it sooner. Though I have managed to not get the OH anything for his birthday on the 3rd of Jan, hoping like your tip to get it all in the sales.

    Emily - Babies and Beauty

  3. Some great tips and present ideas here honey. Can you believe I've not bought ANY yet! God knows what I'm doing, but taking time out on Tuesday to venture in to central, wish me luck lol!


  4. We love Homesense for one off quirky home bits! We always try to stick to a budget or we go a little overboard,although this year we haven't had a set budget we've just been trying to be sensible.For kids, we love the Range for crafty kits that they can do with their parents.