Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Our 7 months update!

Just how has another month passed us? In just a few days it’s about to be our first Christmas together as a family and aren’t we just excited! 

Imogen’s crawling backwards and has been doing so for a couple of weeks. We’ve only had a few forward steps and we honestly thought she would’ve made a bee line for the Christmas tree, but we’ve only had to confiscate presents from her twice. So hopefully she wont fall like elf off the tree. She’s also strong at sitting, we feel confident to leave her on her own to sit if she’s got something to entertain her in front of her.

Speaking of Christmas, we went to see the grand Saint Nicholas himself at Intu Trafford Centre. Being honest, it was a lovely experience but I wont be going again any time soon. For myself, R and Imogen it cost £17.50. We went through a few different interactive rooms with elf entertainment but we knew she was a bit too young for it. She loved the new reindeer addition though! We finally met the big man, and he was charming with her and we had a bit of extra time to make sure we got a great photo and Imogen got a book as a gift. The photo was £7 and isn’t that great of quality. Next time I want to take her to see something just as good but hopefully not that price unless it was for charity!

This month has been one of the hardest since Imogen was born.  As she’s constantly learning new things it’s getting harder and harder at times. She cries when she doesn’t have her own way or screams if we hold her the wrong way to sleep. For the past week she’s been stirring constantly through the night and after the 4th day of being in constant zombie mode I had enough. Bring on the ugly Kim K cry battle here.  We’ve had to have her in our bed to give her comfort at night. We’re just doing what we can honestly and considering I’m the lightest sleeper in the world, and sleep like a plank of wood, I don’t settle until I can put her back in her cot.

Through stresses of Christmas, her refusing milk and food for an entire day, lack of sleep and just pure loneliness it can get quite hard. Plus it’s not as easy to just take her out in the pram for a walk with this bitter winter weather that’s arriving.

Earlier this month we won a new travel system on twitter, yeah people actually win competitions! The pram itself is glorious but I also miss the mothercare orb. The only problem is we can’t find a dealer locally that sells a footmuff specific for the pram, so we’re hoping to buy one in the sales after Christmas to fit from mama’s and papa’s or mothercare.  *Note – I just found them on Mothercare so that’s a shopping opp! I'll be posting a couple of reviews in the next month about the prams too. 

It’s also Imogen’s first Christmas, I just feel quite overwhelmed. Like how much do you buy for a baby?! We know to buy stuff for over the next year and not so much just now in the moment. I just feel guilty. We’ve spent a bit more than our £100 budget that we set but I just feel like it’s not enough. I know what we got her is, but I just love spoiling people so it’s hard not to spoil her.  

Anyway,  back to the little bundle of screams as she’s woken up from her 5 minute nap.

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