Saturday, 31 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016!

So there a million and one posts out on the internet about what everyone got for Christmas, but let's face it, we're nosey and it's exciting! I love showing what other people got me 'cause it shows the thought and effort they went to, into getting the things they got for me. Don't get me wrong, I'd happily have Christmas without presents (don't take away my dinner though!) but I thought it would be nice to share with you all what I recieved.

From R I received this pin and these pencils from  as I'm a huge book lover, even if it's been put off this past year. He also knows I write lists about lists so these pencils perfectly sum up who I am as a person. Cute and thoughtful.

The next thing he got me was these films for my Polaroid, that he got me last year. All year I wanted to buy film but put it off because they're so expensive! So he bought me these in preparation for Christmas Day with Imogen. Along with the film, he bought me a little photo album to store them all in. I got a few great shots of Imogen on Christmas day that I won't loose now thanks to this little album.

He took a few hints and bought me a couple of beauty bits that I pointed out to him online, and one in store (which he bought then and there when I was with him, and made me wait until Christmas day)! As a highlight junkie, I've heard a million good things about the Soltice palette so I'm extremly excited to try it out! Secondly, I picked out these Berlin Real Techniques brushes as I was craving some new ones to experiment with, and they're just so beautifully designed, so he bought these for me when I pointed them out.

Surprisingly at 7 months old Imogen bought me a gift too. A lightbox! I pointed out that there was a cheap version at Home Bargains to R, and he bought it straight from the website. I would really invest in a more expensive one, but thinking of wandering hands, it wouldn't last too long with a baby. This is perfect though apart from the slight crack that happened. I'm really glad I finally caved and asked for one!

From my best friend she bought me a little scrapbook that I could use to put photo's or other bits inside. It was lovely surprise because we normally stick to beauty/wine with each other and she know's I miss my crafty self.

My brother's tend to buy me joke presents so I was quite suprised when I ended up with this little sketchbook and an organiser for the pram. Practical for once! I still haven't figured out how I'm going to attach it to our pram as it isn't a stroller, but we will make it work!

My other brother bought me this Along Came Betty gift set, considering he doesn't know the first thing about health and beauty it was lovely for him to go out of his comfort zone to find something like this for me. I can't wait to try out all the bits when I get a minute!

And here's for the joke present, this wine bottle/glass. Jokes on everybody though, I drank my wine out of that on Christmas Day, and I loved it! Some reason it's gone walkies, I suspect R has packed it away so I don't drink any more bottles of wine. 

From my mum I got the good ole usual, socks, leggings, selection box and slippers. Can't ever go wrong with any of them, until you realise what slippers your mum actually bought you!

Yep, monster Dog looking things, at least they will keep me warm this winter! And that's about it I think! I was given a bit of cash to buy some bits in the sale's so keep posted for what I manage to actually tackle and grab, with a huge pram in tow! This year was all about my daughter, and although I didn't expect much, I was very happy with everything everyone bought for me. 

What did you get for Christmas? Let me know, leave your link below!

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  1. I love those slippers!! I love slippers like that although if I ever bought them my dog would be chasing them round the house as I walk haha! I got a Swarvoski ring which I really wanted along with a lot of a other nicer things


    1. I'm just not a slipper person, and everyone buys them for me and my boyfriend ends up wearing them all through the year, makes him happy and my daughter giggles her head off every time she sees them! That sounds lovely! It's nice to be treated ey?! :) Hope you had a great Christmas XO