Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Boxing Day LUSH SALE Haul!

Normally I spend spend spend on Christmas and try to make sure that I can get everyone everything they deserve. Aka, I forget every year to save some pennies for the sales! Luckily my family know how fussy I can be when it comes to beauty, so they all gave me a bit of money to buy some bits in the sales.
It's hard enough tackling the sales like a 7 foot rugby player, but hell, have you tried it with a 7 month old in a pram?! Challenge accepted. Luckily, she was in the best mood, and didn't mind the 30 minute queue in LUSH after all! (Sod the online queue!). 

So I went to my local Lush, which is Manchester Arndale just to see if they had any Lord Of Misrule left for R. When I arrived they had just the mini's left, so I went in and picked myself some bits up that I haven't gotten around to trying just yet. First I picked up the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. It's honestly my favourite product from Lush all year around.

I then picked up the LOM mini's as they were very low in stock on the shelves! R was very happy when he saw my big LUSH bag, and found that these were inside! 

Never having actually tried one, as they're always sold out in store when I've visited, I picked up a Northern Lights to try. Strange how I've never managed to get one, but did in the sales! I'm really excited to try this and I'm hoping for what it says on the tin, Nothern Lights in my bath tub! 

After struggling to maneuver around the shop, an assistant helped me pick up Father Christmas. Another bath bomb that I've yet to try. I don't know what I expected it to smell like, but it's a lot more sweeter than I thought. I was always thinking it was smell earthy. I must get one earlier this year for Imogen to try ready for Christmas! 

Last but not least, I had to pick up the beauty favourite. After having a big bottle of the Comforter last year and being put off it due to my pregnancy, I made sure I didn't smell it in store. Snow Fairy. The sparkly sweet fragrance is going to be a staple, and I'm sure I'm going to be upset that I haven't bought a bigger size next month! Although I'm not quite sure what that ugly looking blob is in the bottom of the bottle... I just hope it's glitter! 

And that's everything I picked up. I would've got more, but I got stuck in a tiny space with the pram and didn't move for 5 minutes thanks to the general public. The staff in Lush were as happy as ever and nailing the sales madness so kudos to them. 

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