Saturday, 14 January 2017


So I went and braved the Boxing Day sales. I went to try and pick up some bits in the sales and make the most of the half price sale in Boots. I went a few days later than Boxing Day, so I didn't get the best bargains but I got some great things regardless!

The first thing I picked up was the Oliver Bonas tumblr glass pictured above. It's the perfect medium sized glass with gold foil flecks through the middle. I bought it to put my pencils and pens in for the office. It was £3 from £6!

The second thing I bought wasn't in the sale, but I absolutley love. It's this rose gold metal basket from Primark. I've been using it to put all my lush products in so the bathroom smells like a dream every time you walk in it! It was only £4 and it's a great size! I want to go back and pick some more up! 

The other thing I bought from Primark was this velvet matte lipstick crayon in Mushroom . I heard that these are supposed to be great and look like some of the Mac lipsticks so I thought I'd give it a go. It was £2.

Another couple of beauty pieces I picked up was these contour and blush pans for £3 each from Boots. From the beauty emporium stand I came across the Makeup Obsession counter. I picked up the shades E146 Cinnamon and E101 Burnt. I bought these to use for eyeshadow shades. I just have a thing for warm tones at the moment and thought they'd be good to double with. I'll be posting a review at some point about the brand! (It's my new fave budget brand). 

Also, I picked up these trio of notebooks in the sale for half price at just £4. I can't deny a cute notebook ever so when I can three for £4 and they're super cute?! I think I'm onto a winner! I normally say no no to things with inspirational quotes on them, but I think these are cute for on the go too. 

To go hand in hand with my cute notebooks I need some cute pencils. This Zoella Write On Point collection are just adorable and look lovely in my Oliver Bonas glass! I got these for £2.50 in the sale!

After trying the No7 primer this summer, I wanted to try out a few more bits and see how they work for me. This set was a bargain at just £7 from £14 so I thought I would see how it goes before trying the full size. I need to try more from the No7 range so this helps me try a few products for little price!

After searching three different Boots stores, I managed to pick up the Panda Face Green Tea and Apple face masks. I wasn't overly keen on the last fibre mask, but I'm hoping that when I try these that they'll have different elements to help my skin. I picked them up for just £2.50 each, which is a lot better than the £5 RRP price tag. To go along with the K beauty theme, I also picked up the peach scented detangler  for £3.50 and a little makeup sponge for £2 to try out. 

One of my favourite all time body washes is the Boots Extracts in Mango. It's divine. Go sniff it in store, it smells so summery and wonderfully fruity that I couldn't say no. Hey it's just another loofah in my drawer. £2.50 bargain!

To join my new pencil collection that is building up I purchased this little set. Admittingly it was a "ooh I'll just throw that in" blunder. It must've been the pencil case that caught my magpie eye. £4 spent that didn't need to have been. 

And last but not least, I had to get a little Soap & Glory. What's a Boots Christmas time haul without Soap & Glory?! I always stock up on the righteous butter and I wanted to try the lip gloss for a long time, so it's a handy little stocking filler. 

And that's everything I picked up! I wanted to pick up more, but there was nothing standing out to me anywhere, and I wasn't braving the clothing rails. Did you pick up any good bits in the sales? Leave me a link! 

Until next time, 


  1. Some lovely items here 😍 It's amazing what you can grab in the sales, aswell as their prices. I especially love the trio of notebooks, where did you get them from!? I would love to pick up some.

    Gemma |

    1. I got them from Boots lovely! They're from a brand called Studio B who I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet :( All of the sads! XO

  2. Lovely haul! Those notebooks are so cute xx

    Becky |

    1. Aren't they just the cutest! Not helping my notebook obsession at all! XO