Sunday, 8 January 2017

How I keep my blog planning organised + FREE printable daily blogging checklist!

So with it being a New Year it's time to get everything organised and keep on track. Normally I put things off until the very last minute and wind myself up and think 'why didn't I do that earlier?! Around November last year I got my act together and started to plan everything properly. So here are my top tips.

1. Buy a planner/diary.
It sounds silly but the one downfall I think people make is not writing things down and planning them properly. I have two. I have a thin A5 diary that just shows my week by week, and a journal that I have everything written down in, so I can keep notes of any ideas I have, any brands I'm working with, things I need to do and my blog post planning.

2. Write a check list that you can use every time you make a blog post.
Having a check list helps keeps you on track with everything you need to before, during and after your blog post. I like to write about what props I need for that particular post, if I need any specific pictures, or information. 

3. Keep on top of your social media game. 
I find that I dip in and out of blogging depending on what I'm feeling at the time, and how busy I am. We all lead double lives! And as a parent blogger, you know I've got a munchkin on my tail. I try to keep active on social media as much as possible (even though I always wish I had more time!). I think it helps for your audience to recognize you even if you're not posting every day. A social media presence is just as big as your blog content.

I chat through a couple of groups through Facebook, to other mums on Instagram, and to anyone and everyone on twitter. I'm trying to become more active on Pinterest and I'm going to up my game this year and add a facebook page to the equation! 

4. Remember to plan seasonal things in advance.
Whether you're a food/parent/beauty/lifestyle or other type of blogger, make sure you plan your seasonal posts ahead. I'm talking about Valentines, Easter, Summer, Autumn, Christmas, New Year and every other one! Think about your posts ahead of the game, as you want people to read your posts before they've read a thousand Halloween lush hauls! 

5. My final tip is to take it easy
In my first year of blogging I kept putting on myself that I didn't do enough, that I could've done better. Maybe I could've, but you know what I'm happy with my content and the posts I've published. Publish content you're happy or proud of rather than trying to post every day. Take it easy, it's a lot to keep up with especially if you're working and have other commitments but the flow will come. 

I made an infographic of things that I do to help keep me on track with my blogging, and I hope it helps you! Just right click and save.

Until next time! 


  1. Great post! Will definitely take your advice!��

  2. The planning seasonal posts in advance bit is what I'm not doing! I love how you've written this as well.

    Tasha x

    (P.s Is that a notepad in the picture, where is it from? It's gorgeous!)