Sunday, 1 January 2017

My goals for 2017 and onwards!

2017 came quick and fast didn't it?! I didn't even realise it was New Years until it actually was! I hope you all celebrated it with your family or friends, of if you're like me and your other half was working and you have a baby, a good night's sleep. Well, attempt with them fireworks! I'm not usually one for new beginnings but I'm excited for this year, and I'll tell you why. 

Last year was the anticipation of my daughter being born, and everything built up until that moment. This year, it's the unknown. She will have her first birthday and she will progress every day but what about me? I have no real big plans. I don't have a job to go back to after maternity so now what? I have plans. Big plans and goals. So here is everything I would like to happen, or work towards doing this year. 

1). Losing weight.
Before you think this is a "new year new me" resolution, it is not. Since having Imogen I lost weight, and then I gained again. It's expected. But over the last couple of months, due to the contraceptive injection I bloat a lot and I'm very concious. I want to lose that baby weight again and keep it off. I'm cutting dairy out of my diet due to IBS problems, and I want to give up bread. I'm not doing anything dramatic, just a few changes, more fruit/less crisps. Soon it'll be summer and I'll get to take Imogen on long walks again but until then, a few diet changes. 

2). Get a job. 
I know that if I go back to a couple of my old work places I would be able to get the hours in but due to me generally working in bars since I was 18, it's unsociable hours so I wouldn't be able to get child care. I want to work not just for the money, but to have a little bit of freedom and adult conversation. Being a stay at home mum at the moment is very lonely and it's something I lack. Hopefully myself and R can sort something this year. 

3). Learn to drive. 
I've put this one off since I was 21. My mum offered to pay for me to drive when I was 18, and I thought I knew better, and went on tour. I'm glad I did at the time, but now I wish I did drive afterall. In the past couple of years, through university and working away from home, I've not been able to. So this year I'm going to hit the books hard, and try and study over the next couple of months. 

4). Save. Save. Save.
Oh yeah. This one is a lot better said than done. We need to save to move house and we really hope it's this year but we're not going to rush ourselves and skin ourselves short and move into a death trap. 

5). Get a haircut.
Am I the only one terrified of hairdressers?! I've not been to a hairdressers in 5 years, and the time before that was 3 years. I normally do my hair myself but as I've tried to let all my layers grow out, it's in need of some TLC. 

6). Try and find a balance. 
Between R working all the time, me stressing just due to being overtired and run down and Imogen being in her teething years it gets tough. We need to make time not only as a family but also as a couple. I know I need me time, just as R needs his own time. We need that balance, so once things have settled down at his job, we can get a routine. 

7). Consistent blogging. 
I would love to say that I could blog 4-5 times a week and be able to keep up with that but it's very difficult to when my child likes to scream at me half of the day because of her teeth pushing up. I am trying to keep myself organised, and make sure I at least post twice a week, and stay on top of things I would love to blog about. I've got a notebook that I keep on me at all times so no matter what if I have an idea, I can just jot it down. 

8). Enjoy life. 
I over worry about anything and everything. I worry about not being the perfect mother. I worry that I don't do enough, or give enough even when I'm on the verge of collapsing. I know that I do everything I can, so I want to enjoy this year, plan an amazing birthday party for Imogen. Maybe even take her to a baby class, for her sake, against my own anxious issues. I will take a million and more pictures and give her everything that I can. And when R is off, spend as much time together as a family. It's all I can hope to do. 

What are your new year's plans or your carry on until you've cracked them goals? Let me know! 

Until next time! 


  1. Great goals and best of luck with achieving them all with your little one! I definitely want to be a healthier and happier version of myself this year!