Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Okay, so I don't promote dieting or strict healthy eating but here is what happened. I was always funny with food but after having Imogen, it got worse. I've got a lovely case of IBS. So when I've always been a picky eater, and when things make me ill to be polite, it just makes it harder. So this year I decided to make some changes to not only my diet but to my lifestyle. 

So I decided to quit dairy, and to limit my grain intake. Dairy in particular makes me so ill, and man, as much as I love cheese on pretty much everything apart from my coffee, it's hard. A lot harder than I thought. I know it's not the main cause to my IBS but it will help if I don't eat it. I'm only 10 days into my challenge and I keep on eyeing up Imogen's pinwheels I made her. Let me tell you, I've smelt vegan cheese, I'm not going down that road again just yet. My partner is was vegetarian and has just turned vegan so we cook a lot of fresh things at home so I have a lot of support, and help when it comes to the change. Luckily I've always drank soya milk with my coffee. Phewph! 

When I say grain, I only really eat bread and sometimes cereal. I realised how much I ate of it when I kept a food diary and I just want to limit it. I bloat a lot now so I want to try and increase my fruit and vegetables in take instead of trying to fill up with bread. Just to make things clear, this isn't a 'new year new me' resolution. I'm not doing it to lose weight. You won't see me in a spin class or bikrim yoga any time soon. 

I just wanted to talk about this because I feel like if I can control my dairy then I could maybe change a few other things not so dramatically. Specifically this is to better my health, but I want to better my fitness before the year is out. I want to become more fit and 'healthy' for Imogen when she starts running circles around my feet. It might not seem much, and it might not do much but I know if I don't sit there munching on crisp butties all day in front of Imogen and eat a bit of pineapple instead, at least I'm sending a better message (hopefully) to her. 

Is anyone else changing their diet this year? Why are you changing it? 

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