Monday, 30 January 2017


So just before Christmas I had a nip into Primark to do all the usual, search for a good buy and hope for the best. Primark isn't my best friend usually but whilst my friend was wandering around the store I thought I would go have a snoop at the PS... Make Up line. This is where I spotted the Brush Cleansing Pad. I've seen so many different ones online and I've never thought to actually try one, so when I spotted this for just a £1 I thought I'd give it a whizz!

Normally when it comes to washes my makeup brushes I give them a good rinse with a makeup remover and then clean them with a baby shampoo. It might not be the best thing to use but it works for me for a quick clean! As someone who doesn't have a lot of time on their hands, and an extra human attached to their hip for 18 hours of the day, I try to make things as easy as I can for myself. So I tested it. 

I must say, it's not the easiest in the world to use. I guess the underneath of the pad is for it to go into a sink hold or to attach to the side of the sink but I found it to be completely useless. It just made more trouble for me so I just held it in my hand and used it that way. I actually enjoyed using it as the ridges aren't too high to damage the bristles but enough to get through them all to clean the brushes. 

It was a lot easier to use this than to wash them onto my hand like I normally do and it did the job for only a pound, but it's made me realize that I need to invest in something a bit better perhaps the Sigma cleaning mat. If you're on a tight budget then I would recommend for you to try this out as it is good but I know there's a lot better products out there!

Until next time, 


  1. Great review, definetly going to buy this, if I can hunt in down in my local Primark lol. Loving the fact that it's a £1 as well! :)

    Amreeta |

    1. My local is Manchester's huge one so you know, we might have more on offer than most but hopefully you found it! XO

  2. I didnt know Primark did these! I'm going to have to get a couple. Everytime I clean my brushes I think 'there has to be an easier way!' Great review lovely!

  3. Tell me about it! Speaking of which, my brushes are in need of a clean again.. Whoops! Haha Xo