Monday, 13 February 2017


Every year comes and passes and as pretty much until I met R, every bloke I met had the same opinion. "Valentines is a crock of shit!". Well yeah, I understand if your view is "why not treat your partner all year not just for one day" and you actually go through with it, but it's never happened in my case. I actually enjoy the idea of someone putting thought into stuff for you for one day to celebrate your relationship and your love and I don't mean milestone anniversaries.

Year in and year out I've sat and watched the rom coms, I've ate crisps and chocolate to make myself feel better and had my mum joke about the room being filled with cards and gifts from secret admirers (yeah I bloody wish). More recently, I've watched over 100 different corny proposals on Youtube and Facebook keeps popping up with wedding dresses. It's not in our books any time soon, but it does make me broody for love. Is that a thing?!

So thankfully as much as to R's dismay that he doesn't really give a hoot about Valentines, but he actually does it for me. Well, he knows I'll probably be in a mood for a day if he doesn't. I just wanted to write about things I'd actually would like to receive, not only as a 20 something woman, but as a mum who barely sleeps anymore.

1. A nice breakfast in bed.
Holy cow, I dream of the day where I can have a lie in, not being disturbed until my breakfast is made and handed to me, where I can actually enjoy a warm coffee.

2. Flowers.
Okay, cliche over with but I seriously love flowers. I've always admired flowers and although they do shoot up at silly prices over the love holiday period, I still think you can grab a nice bunch from M&S without breaking the bank too much.

3. Chocolate.
This isn't usually the one for me as I'm a dairy free person, but it would be nice if I had a slab of chocolate I can devour into.

4. Jewellery.
I love little cute pieces you normally find in Urban Outfitters or Not On The High Street. I was gifted a ring from Pandora for my birthday a couple of years ago and it's still my favourite thing as it's so unique. I always think a necklace with an initial on it, is the way to go.

5. Card.
Believe it or not this is generally the one that people seem to forget the most. I would love a hand made valentines card one day but I'm yet to see R's creative side shine so I'll wait until Imogen's old enough to make me one.

6. LUSH.
Do we really need to talk about Lush?! Anything to promote relaxing is a definite yes. Anything from lush aka bath bombs or bubble bares are a bigger yes. And the biggest yes yet, is if that special someone runs it for you with a glass of wine. 

7. Dinner.
I'd love to go out to dinner somewhere posh and wine and dine and not just the typical Nando's (Sorry! Not the biggest fan over here). What would be even more lovely is to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal together but realistically it'll be a takeaway. 

8. Films. 
Whether you're going on a date to the cinema or sitting at home a rom com is always a must in my eyes. Feeling all loved up with my partner makes me want to watch soppy films but he has his eyes set on a horror. I guess we will have to watch both as a compromise! 

9. Music.
I think music speaks to most people and is very personal so to give a mix tape, a cd or even write your own song is romantic. We can't all play a guitar and sing, so maybe a limited edition cd or vinyl of your partners favourite band! 

10. Underwear and pyjamas. 
Okay so I wouldn't trust anyone but myself to buy underwear but I do love a fancy new set and valentines is a great way to treat yourself if your significant other or your cat doesn't buy you a set. And if you're not feeling it, nothing better than being cosy with new pjs in bed! 

Okay so maybe a bit of a long list here, but I mean what better day to treat yourself and treat your partner than on valentines and celebrate that day together! 

Happy Valentines all! 

Until next time, 


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